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Looking for something modifiable, rental preferred, adult.

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If a sky box, I'd like something that isn't furnished, and something I can modify a bit here and there. Belanvue had the cloest thing to what I wanted a bit back, but I couldn't afford to rent at the time and I can't find those again.
Some place where I can place my own home, use it as a sandbox, make the borders how I want them if a skybox - if not, something on a coast.
Right now, I'm aiming for a general price range; I somehow doubt there'll be much in the way of all this, but yeah. I don't need something fantastically huge, but I like to immerse myself, and that involves clutter and space for other rooms - at the least, for a bathroom (yes, I know I can't use it. Shush, I need to be immersed :V ), so as many prims obviously for as reasonable a price as I can get. I wouldnt reckon at the moment I'd need more than three-hundred or so, but we'll see as things go on.
Much thanks to any info.

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