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Looking for job (dancer, model..anything)

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I'm in sl about 3 years , have experience in dancer work . I love to dance , texturing. So i dunno what job can i get. Have nothing against strip work but my english not alow full job like that heh.

Personality : i'm open minded designer , in rl have huge sence of humor but english (not mine) language delete it so i can be silent sometimes. In rl i'm artist (oil drawing).Sometimes i'm texturing and meshing but dont like it because tired.I'm not pro in meshing so i cant help u with that probably. I have 2 hight educations , i'm 29 , i'm not stupid wood log. and i hate when anyone try to act this to me. And a subcultures i was in throw my life , you have no so nmuch fingers on your body , i've seen alot...alot of people probably will never see. 

About job : i'll not work just for tips, u can leave them for yourself. I strongly recommend to myself to get general pay for work time, And tips i can give back . I don't like to be nervous or work for nothing.
I have free 24 hours a day so u must tell me when to appear and i'll appear in this time. I'll not sit and wait , i must have borders of work time. Other things i'll not do is to be not respected or treated like crap.


Contact me : send me notecard to my inventory ( Alfirinn )





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