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The Twenty Statements Test

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This is a long-abused psychological test which the shrinks use to justify their fees, while not having to do much actual work themselves. The SuperIdentity project team that are looking for volunteers (if you are desperate for a £5 Amazon voucher head over to the SLEDU subforum, but make sure you have an uptodate photo to give them so they can track you down in real life) use this technique, but I thought that it might be interesting (or perhaps really, really dull) if forumites might want to offer insights into how their online presence was different, or similar to their real life existence.

For example

1. In RL I am a grumpy old curmudgeon, whereas in SL I am a grumpy old curmudgeon.

2. In RL I am 60 years old, whereas in SL I am 28.

3. In RL I like steak and chips, whereas in SL I participate in Dolcett ceremonies.

4. In RL I have been happily married for 5 years (and unhappily for another 15) whereas in SL I am ecstatically partnered to myself.

5. In RL I cant puntuate or spel, whereas in SL I am a master of the keyboard.

. . . . I am sure you get the drift.

Oh, my answers to the other 15 "Who am I" questions would be the names of my various alts, but that would be too boring.



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I fail to see the the purpose of that test. In SL we are all bull**bleep**ters and liars (aka roleplayers), that's a known fact and the very reason for most of us to join SL in the first place. Of course I could make a list of similarities and differences between my SL and RL and it would be sooooooo so so boring. Of course my avie is younger, prettier and richer than me, owns a lot of cool clothes, houses, yachts, bikes and other super nice stuff and has a very rich social life.

The only thing similar to my RL is my brain, my principles, my awareness, my political conviction, my social conscience and my general grumpyness.

I guess that's the same for 99% of SL resis. So what for do we need that 20 statements test?



EDIT: now knowing where this survey is coming from I'm even more in doubt of its ethics but also kinda certain that any agency acting as hamfisted as the homeland security guys can't be a treal threat. Also I'm just sooo happy to live in a place far far away from the states.

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