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What happens to furnitures when we leave a parcel ?

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Hi People !

This question may probably already be answered, but I haven't find it yet.

I'm wondering what happens to the stuff we rezzed on a rent parcel if the landlord decide to quit SL.

Do the house and all other furnitures come back into our inventory or is it lost, forever ?


Thank you for your help,



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Hopefully the landlord would notify you in plenty of time to pick it up yourself.  If not it depends on what happens. 

If the landlord was the estate owner and they sell the sim, or the landlord owned less than a full sim, then It will be returned to you by the estate owner or  new estate or land owner unless they decide to keep you as a tenant.  Then they'd let you know where to pay your rent and what they are going to charge. 

If you were renting on mainland, nothing may happen for a while and you can continue to live there until LL kicks you out which will happen eventually when they clear the land to resell it.

If the landlord is an estate owner and fails to pay LL, the sim will disappear and all your things with it.  However if you contact LL they will arrange to put the sim back online for a day to allow you to go and get your things.

Sometimes if items are returned to you, they go astray and you lose them, but that doesn't happen often. f they are returned by anyone other than your landlord they are not responsible for your loss.  If your landlord returns them without warning and you were paid up to date, then by rights they should help you out, but that rarely happens.

 Mostly they come back as a lump of things and show in your lost and found with a block made up of several blocks and named after one of the items in it.  Then you have to go to a sandbox and rez out the block and pick your items back up one at a time.

Note that new owners or LL are not responsible for refunding any rent paid in advance as you didn't pay them. However sometimes the old landlord will give the money you paid in advance to the new owner and it will be credited to you on your new rent box if you stay as a tenant.


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I would strongly advise always only using 'copy' items if you rent. Just to be safe from this or other issues like landlord drama.

In addition, once you set up your place, I would select everything in the entire place that was mine, and use the 'take copy' option to take a copy into inventory - and set it in a backup folder in inventory.

(I have a folder in my inventory I named "landandhome" - in that folder I keep backups of my home layout.)

Then if something horrible happens, you go to a sandbox, pull out your backup in some spot away from other people (I usually go way into the sky for this) while in 'build' mode (so everything comes in selected)... and look it over for whatever went wrong or to be able to put things back together...


I used to own a lot of expensive no-copy stuff, and over the years I have slowly replaced it with copy and modable things. I think I've only got a tiny number of no-copy things left now. Back when I started, I didn't know to avoid no-copy.

No-copy is fine for things you wear - clothes, skins, hair, etc... but for things you rez, it can give you nightmares. Even on land you own... SL sometimes goofs and can eat things. Its rare - but when it happens it seems to prefer to eat the stuff you care about most rather than the junk you were planning to get rid of... :)


If you end up becomming builder savvy - you can go a step further and link all your stuff that is mod together as one massive object before taking a copy - but I say builder savvy as this is a good way to destroy things, and you have to know how to tell what can handle it, what's broken, and if broken how to fix it. But just selecting them all at once and then taking a copy works wonders.

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