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DarkDharma Daguerre

DarkDharma's North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop

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*~*~*~* Once again, the magic continues....you're invited to re-enter the fantasies of your childhood and visit DarkDharma's North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop! Many places remade for 2013, you'll first land at the top of the windswept North Pole Mountains. The North Pole skies gleam with the Aurora Borealis as you follow the downward path past the Crystal Caves to the village where the magical world of the North Pole awaits with Santa and his legion of elves. While you're there, visit the North Pole Times Newspaper, the North Pole Post OfficeSanta's Reindeer BarnElf Comm Central (they've been enforcing the Naughty List since 245 AD!), and the Elfementary School. Then venture into the Grand Workshop Castle where the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations is in full swing. Want some delectable sweets? Grab a cup of Santa's Special Cocoa, take a turn into Mrs Claus Bakeshop, and head down to the Elves' Chocolate Factory. Can you find the secret room while you're down there? And, before you go, don't forget to tiptoe upstairs to the Elf Dormitory but, SHHHH!, the night-shift elves are fast asleep. Would you like to leave with some gifts? Then go in search of the *all new for 2013* 12 holiday presents the elves have hidden all over the village. But most of all, remember to...

*~*~*~*~* B E L I E V E! *~*~*~*~*

TP to North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop





Inside the Toyshop.jpg



North Pole Post Office2.jpg

North Pole Times.jpg

Mrs Claus Bakeshop.jpg

North Pole Village.jpg

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