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Such Memories... Rocky & Bullwinkle

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The very first episode of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends
premiered today [the 19th] in 1959.


Rocky & Bullwinkle and Their Friends Full Episode (Episode 1)


P.S. I wish the commercials from 1959 were being played... :P


Fairy Tale Recipes: Rapunzel Rampion Salad



                   Naughty Chocolate Fudge Cake



OK - So how many of you watched the whole show?

How many watched another episode?

For more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rocky_and_Bullwinkle_Show 

I tell you the writers for this show were brilliant! But I tell ya, at age 7, I just loved the comedy!

A local reference in Episode 1: The (S)Lick Observatory



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R&B were a li'l before my time grandma! ;-)

But I did see a bunch of episodes at a R&B festival when I was in college. I loved 'em. The writers were downright naughty.

My favorite line from Episode 1 (yes, I watched the whole thing) was the grandma advising the President "It's raining, put on your rubbers." How prescient!


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Some years ago, working for a large (US, as it happens) software house, we were told that the 'main conference room' and it's state-of-the-art audio-visual gear was available for bookings whenever we wanted it and for whatever purpose.  We thought it was a cool place to eat lunch and booked it then, when it was otherwise least wanted anyway, for ad-hoc tech conferences, updates, workshops, etc. while eating and chatting.

Once when it was my turn to present I told every to focus on what was most important - and showed them "Custard" ^^

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I thought of DM when KarenM posted about Rock&Bullwinkle.  I always liked Danger Mouse and also Count Duckula (about a vegetarian vampire duck).

Here is the intro for Count Duckula:



I always liked this quote by Count Duckula: "Gold, gold! It may not buy happiness, but it can buy you a better state of misery, that's for sure!"


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That was perfectly silly, Peter. And well worth watching. Sort of "Douglas Adams meets Tex Avery meets Terry Gilliam". I'm sure I missed some inside jokes, but I enjoyed what I did get. I didn't gather my engineering team around the conference table to watch stuff like that, but we did sit together in the cafe many Tuesday mornings for a few minutes to watch a Mister Rogers factory tour of some kind, and listen to some jazz...

Thanks to both you and Ms. Lane for making me grin.

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There was no TV in my house during my childhood, and my parents were much older than those of my peers. My exposure to "pop" culture was via my parents record library, public radio, movies shown in our barn using a projector made in 1916, live local music, TV at friends' and the occasional visit to a movie theater. As a result, I'm perpetually out of sync.

Here's are the kinds of cartoon that brings back memories for me...

And I still marvel at Max Fleischer's work. Rotoscoping, breaking the "fourth wall", recursion, it's all there in 1919...

And while my friends grew up with Sleeping Beauty and Michael Jackson, I grew up with...

And now, thanks to Pixar, the animated short is back, with a vengeance. The baby grabbing the steering wheel of danger mouse's spaceship reminded me of this (the soundtrack is not original, "Lifted" is widely used as a foley/soundtrack challenge for film sound students)...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2886 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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