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What's up with Mesh Butts


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Trinity Yazimoto wrote:

but in RL too, the new trend is to make butt implants for having a fat ass...:smileyvery-happy:

In Brazil they even have "Miss BumBum Contest".

Miss BumBum contest news

"Miss BumBum has a huge following in Brazil and around the world. Winners become celebrities earning hundreds of thousands of pounds. This year's winner was Dai Macedo, 25, from the central state of Goias, who impressed judges with her 42in derrière."

:smileysurprised:  Ermm.gif  roflmao.gif






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Is it wrong I shudder with delight every time I run in to a avatar in world who is Slutty McSlutmuffin, huge **bleep** ass everything hanging out and white trash to the max, then they have a brilliant, witty and intelligent profile...100% why I support trashy Miley.There are intelligent women whom choose to move in the world like this...it amuses me, I do love some culure jamming.

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I agree with this 100%. I have seen very whori(sh) looking woman who are so intelligent and kind. I asked my friend who is like that in sl, why she portrayed herself like that as well as how does she cope with peoples judgments? 

She said "the ones who take the time out to get to know me are the one worth keeping. In RL I am as conservative as one can get clothing wise. I have a business to run and an appearance to keep up. It gets tiring. In sl I am free to be as I wish. So I wear what I would not even dare to wear in the bedroom. And I am completely happy about it."

Since then I don't really care what others think about my avi being to tall, too short, too slutty, too conservative. At the end the day the only one who has to be happy with my avi is me.  I am happy with my virtual Barbie.

I personally don't make fun of those who are extreme because in RL they might have those features and putting them down becomes a personal attack and Im not nasty like that. I know how it feels. I carry a rather large bust size on my avi. It represents me in RL. To me it looks normal. I don't think I am extreme but if I was.. To hell with who ever doesn't like it. I don't care. I am extreme sized in RL and I want parts of me that my avi represents. I do keep her proportionate however if someone one else doesn't not my business. They could be an awesome person and I wouldn't want to miss that opportunity just because of there clothing or looks.

*Off of soap box.

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SL seems to favor crazy extremes. Lots of people running around with no hips on 7-foot tall AVs, t-rex arms, and no bust (or lolas). 123% of them seem to be blond too...

Rather than some middle ground, other folks seem to want this thing. I've read that its got sizing issues - can't use it alongside the standard sizes - which means its not compatable with rigged mesh feet / hands, and most mesh clothing (including tops that would otherwise not cover its areas).


The Brazil comment above explains a lot...


What grates on me is I often see this look on people dressing as a 'brown or black person' and then acting in a stereotyped negative charicature. I say that as a 'brown' person who uses a 'black' avatar. But I don't make one that is an offensive stereotype. That said, plenty of them use offensive anti-white stereotypes too, and I also find this annoying. I just don't much care for negative racial stereotyping - even, as I possibly falsely assume here, the person is doing it against their own type.


As to whether or not people with this look are 'actually conservative in RL'... well... IF that were true it would be all the reason I would need to AVOID them.

I haven't talked to many of them - they seem to hang out at places like 'interracial sluts' and 'black cuckold' or 'welfare hos and rednecks'...

- And I tend to avoid places with names like that.

When I've seen them out and about at shops, either they say nothing and I say nothing... or I'm met with a person talking in caps and characters with gestures using either badly faked ebonics with extra swear words, or badly faked 'redneck' with again, lots of swear words...

I imagine the quiet ones might be perfectly nice. But I don't tend to strike up conversations with random people while shopping, and until I go to places with names like 'black cuckolds stealing white women and making them slaves'... I don't know where I will meet them.


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PeterCanessa Oh wrote:

Pussycat Catnap wrote:

What grates on me is I often see this look on people dressing as a 'brown or black person' ...


There is a lack of good non-European, especially black, avatars in SL.  Do you have any recommendations for those so we can pass them on?

The only recommendation I would make is to approach it the same way one would an avatar of their own ethnicity: Just be you, in a different shade.

Don't make a "characterization" of an ethnic group, just make a 'regular person', and then pick a different color crayon. :P


When it grates on me it happens because somebody suddenly discovers how funny it is to 'talk in fake ebonics' or 'talk in fake redneck' or 'talk in fake french' or whatever...

- And then adopt an attitude that fits some movie-like version of this. If I start providing examples of that my post itself would get offensive... so just think 'blackface', 'whiteface', 'redface', etc...


Its not the avatar parts and skins that are a problem - its the package. Even the phat azz thing is not a problem. But if you're going to wear it don't package it with 'ghetto momma' conversation / gestures. Just be a normal person.

Think of all the posts complaining about how child AVs act. Not just look, but act. The 'baby talk' thing. I see that ALL THE TIME from people who adopt African avatars (caveat: when shopping - about 1/3 of people who approach me do so speaking faked ebonics with extra foul words. When I go to places that actually cater to African or African American non-stereotyped interests, I might see the same 'shape', but not the dialog).

Now think of how some child AVs dress. Two problem images come to mind. First the diaper look - I think I've seen this all of once though, some years ago. So while its a bad way to present, its kind of nonexistent. The other is sadly common enough in complaints I see: the lolita... These folks just look like they're headed for ageplay, even if its an accident of a lack of skill in fashion matching (and it can be hard in SL as the female skins often have baked in makeup).

- So map that to ethnic... and you get black avatars dressed like 'gangstas' with animations that evoke 'I'm gonna get you sucka' like some bad blaxploitation movie...

Or you get avatars that dress like a trailor park redneck, wander around with bruises makeup, and talk in a sort of fake-southern slang that essentially - even if the RL person is white, are making fun of whites (see, just trying to describe these two common examples has taken me very close to borderline on my post - but we all 'know' what a race-stereoype looks like. We see them on TV everyday, especially older shows). It should be noted that these two examples are not entirely equivalent - as US culture tends to judge whites as individuals and blacks as a group defined by their worst elements... representations of negative black stereotypes end up being more hurtful.


So if you wear attachments like this, just package it with an otherwise normal you. Fine to be wild / self-exploratory in SL - but don't adopt some group's look in a specialized negative charicature.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2898 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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