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Your favourite Hair?

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Hiyas everyone - I have not asked one of my usual newbie questions in, like, forevers.  :catwink:  Guess I'm not a newb anymore....  ?


Anyways, one of my fav things in SL is trying on hair.  The ones I have found that I like are (in no order):


Alli&Ali (A&A)


DrLife Healthy Hair


/Wasabi Pills/


Double Paradox yumyum



What are your favourites?


I am specifically looking for something similar to this (although it is hard to see it from this ad):https://marketplace.secondlife.com/fr-FR/p/Gauze-Ibuki-DEMO/3765434

I bought the one above ($300L) and it is good, but I want one that shows my ears (mine are just normal human ears, not like the ones in the picture)  ^_^


Thanks for your help, and...

have a grey8 SL Day!   :smileyhappy:




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Hi Sephina Frostbite!


Thank you, I have not heard of those two, and well visit them shortly!


And while awaiting responses here, I was going through my inventory and stumbled on one I had missed earlier - Amacci Hair.  Oh my gosh - pure adorability!  I haven't found the exact style i'm looking for, but i can see where my entire SL budget is going this month!  :matte-motes-inlove:


Thanks again,



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bluelacroix wrote:

Hiyas TheVeryFirst!


Zero Style?  I don't see them on MP.  Well, they come up, but no items.  Are they inworld only?  I searched places and groups, nothing came up that seemed a place to buy stuff.




Don't remember how I found them to start with, but look here:

Zero Style (123, 137, 37)

I don't think I have ever looked in the MP for them but the shop is easy to find.


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Songfeather Starr - makes the best dreadlocks in SL, but she's only got a very small selection, 5 or 6 styles I think.

Discord Designs - Makes the second best Dreadlocks in SL. If only because most of them expose the ears meaning I cannot use them (as a Neko, I need to cover the human ears), and she's not made many since mesh (still a lot more than Songfeather though). If you're NOT a neko the place is great. Also handy if you want a beard, at they look great in screenshots.

booN - (yes lowercase b, uppercase N) Makes some very nice dreads, but only a very tiny selection are mesh. That said the 'unrigged mesh dreads' have been a blessing for my furry avatars.

.:EMO - has one mesh dreadlocks. Its very good. Sadly has not gone back to make more. The one tells me "this person could do wonders" but I guess its not her thing. Most of what EMO makes is super long flexi hair. I think every male in SL gets their hair here... or it seems like it. All those guys with long straight black hair or 7-foot long pony tails. :)


From time to time I buy something elsewhere. But the above is the bulk of it.

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BilliJo Aldrin wrote:


My fave used to be Analog Dog, but she decided to go mesh and got rid of most her flexi styles, including my fave Lykke, which she said was too old now to continue selling. I'm sorry but a well made flexi hair never gets old.

How sad, I have bought more hair from Analog Dog than most any place. But I just don't get the infatuation with mesh hair, its ok if you don't move, but I like to dance. Guess I can just delete that land mark.

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My favourite used to be LAQ/ Laqroki, I stuck to the same hair for 3 years...now I buy hair from most of the places already mentioned and tend to change my style frequently, depending on what I wear.

Flexi can be great, but it depends on your AO, some are very animated and the longer styles can disappear into the body.

So try as many Demo styles as you can, see which work with your AO best, and don't get stuck in a rut like I once did.

P.S. if you like to wear gowns for dancing, nothing looks nicer than an updo, it shows off the dress and if you get a flexi one with loose curls it moves beautifully.

GL on your quest.

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I don't really have a favorite place..

I have favorite styles,and a lot of times a lot of places that are not so well known will have one or two good styles..

those are the golden nuggets i shop for..

i know there is good hair at the popular places.but i want the nuggets! hehehe

so really i just don't have any faves..because it could be someone totally new tomorrow..

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2671 days.

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