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offline notification, script doens't work after that

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I'm a dutch guy, so don't know if i can explain.

When i recieve an offline notification (dance floor script, needs permission for animating).
Then when i go online with the SL viewer, i cant use that script anymore.


This happened 2 times allready, after 2 or 3 weeks the script works again.

i already tried: clearing cache, re-install viewer. No luck.

I'm going to set the offline notification mailing of, but how can i make the script work again ?

Thank You

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im not a scripter so i dont know why your scripts behave like this. but its possible the problem is not your scripts the region they are located in. After rolling restarts sometimes, instead of fixing things, it mess things... so some monthes ago, after a rolling restart in magnum region, i stopped recieving notifications from my scripted objects... till the next rolling restart. and well this happened several times after several rolling restarts in the last year. 

One thing you can do already is reset your scripts. and see if this fix.

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The script isn't mine, it is a script used by Dance Island to make your ava dance.

It works when you touch the dancefloor, you get a notification: dancefloor needs your permission to animate your avatar.

After clicking the dancefloor, i dont get the notification anymore.

This all happens to me if im offline and recieve email that dancefloor needs permission. After i get the mail, the dancefloor script on dance-island doesn't work for me. It is still working for other people.

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Already checked, no block/mute.

It looks like that it only happens when i go offline, recieve a mail about notification. Then go back online, dont see the notification, and script doesnt react right.

Weird problem, and i noticed a few weeks ago that if i wait 2 3 weeks the script will work again untill i get a mail when i'm offline.

Then the hole problem is there again.....

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I dont get it either, but when i'm online my favorite place is the danceisland. Then i click the dancefloor to dance, heve to give permission for animation. After i did that, it looks like the dancefloor sends me more notifications that Always appear when i get offline ?!

Really weird, i already send the owner/maker of the dancefloor script a message but he didnt respond to it ?!

I set my preferences/notifications to NOT send me mail anymore when i'm offline.

But now the script doesnt work, and proberbly i have to wait a few weeks again before it is working again.

( i just checked, the script is working again. Don't know what did it make work again)

At least i can dance again !


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If this problem recurs, it's going to be important to get the dancefloor owner to tell us about this script and, if possible, to get the source code from the scripter and post it for corrections. Something is very wrong with that script, perhaps exacerbated by lag in the sim.

Meanwhile, it doesn't really help to have it set so notifications don't send you email. I mean, it's okay if you just don't want to be bothered with the notifications, but it doesn't address the underlying problem that's triggering them in the first place.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i noticed that when the "touch" menu doesn't work on the dancefloor, i can still right-click the dancefloor and choose touch.

Then the dancefloor script works sometimes. I already contacted the script-owner, but i didn't get any message back.

I hope there are more people with this problem, so this is taken serious by the scripter.

For now the dancefloor-script isn't without problems, never had any problem with it before.

(i did set my offline notification off, so no messages are send to my email when offline !)
You can do that in the preference/notification menu !


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