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MayLynn Moonstone

what is griefing?


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Being braver, or dumber, than Rolig and Madelaine, here's my definition:

Griefing in Second Life is the disruption of normal resident activities by practical jokers.  Griefers can target individuals.  For example, someone might attack you with a weapon in a non-combat zone, or play tricks on you like giving you a deformer, or using a software exploit to take control of your avatar without your permission.  Griefers can target an area -- such as when someone disrupts a region by sowing objects that spew out ugly particles and/or emit noise.  Griefers have even been know to target Second Life as a whole, trying to crash the entire grid.  While some have managed to crash regions, no hacker has ever managed to bring down the grid, as far as I'm aware.

Griefers do what they do because they want attention.  They are saying "look at me!"  or "I'm smarter than you, see what I can do to you?"  Don't give it to them.  Teleport away, report the incident to Linden Lab with Help/Report Abuse, ignore them, mute them, or log off. 

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