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Striped Stockings for Furries

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I would like to, first and foremost, state that I am not at all a rich person, so chances are I will get into this and then realize that I just won't have enough money to get what I want. It's a worry, for me, so I'm hoping I can employ the services of someone who would be willing to do this work -- with the opportunity to also resell it on the market.

Here's the basis of my request: I am looking for someone to build rigged mesh stockings for furries. Not legwarmers, stockings. Actual tight nylons that have the horizontal stripes, much like those found on these: Striped Stockings. I'm specifically trying to get a pair of tintable stockings exclusively for my partner and I, but I am more than willing to allow the builder to sell their product on the market.

If there is anyone interested in undertaking this request, please email me at kurama.bingyi09@gmail.com and we will work out a price when the details are hashed out.

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The idea is nice, but there are a few issues here. Please allow me to give you a honest opinion, so hopefully it helps you finding out what is the road you can take towards this.

First, it has to match your legs exactly. Since the title says "fur furries" I guess it would need to fit anthro legs. If it doesn't have to be translucent, like nets, then it would rather partially replace the leg, bit still, it needs precise fitting with the rest and fitting it to something I didn't make (and thus don't have the 3D file for) is royal pain in the rump.

Also, since it would fit a specific leg, there won't but a great market for it. Unless it's one of the best selling avatars out there. One thing that could work is to rather have a full leg made with matching stockings, that way they can be sold together.

If it has to be translucent, or you want to wear it over a full leg, there is another problem. SL is not very precise. If you had one surface very closely on top of another, the bottom one would randomly poke through, especially when zoomed out. Now if the person making the stockings doesn't have the file for the legs, this becomes worse because you would not only need to fit the highest LOD of the leg but also the lower LODs.

So, I by no means want to turn you down but this is a lot of hard work, so chances that you find someone doing this for relatively cheap are not very promising. If you would want to hire me for example, I have to ask IRL-grade hourly rates for custom work and I'm sure that's far-far more than what would be sensible for this.

So all in all what would make most sense is to have a custom leg and matching stockings made together. Or probably you could try to talk to the maker of your avatar and suggest them that if they made stockings you would definitely buy and and you think there are others who would.


Best wishes,
Mesh creator

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Oh, I see what you're saying, so I suppose I should be more specific.

These are going to replace legs rather than be put over them. I know that putting them over legs is a lot of work and results depend on the legs they're being put over, so I wouldn't dare ask anyone to do that.

In the end, I might just be asking someone who's made tight-looking legwarmers (like Apricot Paws) to re-texture them with stripes, but I'm looking at my options.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2736 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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