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Are you looking for a good deal on a Corner, I just reduced the price of mine?

Venetia Cazalet

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Riviera Island is a Residential full prim Private Estate in a very quiet location with no neighbours.

The Island is very pretty with a central lake area with wildlife and a small dancing area. There is also a Games platform and a Romantic dancing globe both of these are in the sky and out of sight.

We value our tenants and look after them well.

October Offer of 5 free days added to your rental if your first rental payment is for 1, 2 or 3 weeks and if your first rental payment is for 4 weeks I will add 7 free days.

For the month of October I have reduced the price of the rental per week for corners by 150L$ to 1810L$. This will be your weekly rental price for the whole time you rent with us.

We currently have the following corners available for rent

Sunrise Corner 6 (4896 sqm 1120 prims) 1810L$ per week plus October Offers. This corner has a quality firnished house on it but we will take it away if you want to rez your own.



RENTED Sunset Corner 10 (4896 sqm 1120 prims) 1810L$ per week This corner does not have a house on it, come at night and see the Northern Lights in the sky!



Sunset Corner 14 (4896sqm, 1120 prims) 1810L$ per week. This corner has an unfurnished beach house on it and a gazebo with animations. We can take these away if you do not want them.


A view of Riviera Island

Island View_006.jpg


Here is the link to our tp board area if you want to view other parcels

Riviera Island New TP Board area with information on all available parcels


 Permissions on all parcels

* Terraforming the land allowed but no hills higher than one metre

* Change music/media urls allowed

* Deed land to group allowed

* Building allowed

* Rezz objects allowed

* Set landing points allowed

* Build in the sky above your parcel at 800m or higher allowed

Any buildings, trees, plants, signs and off-sim rocks, jettys and waves etc are NOT included in the sale.

If you have any questions please contact Venetia Cazalet (speaks English) by IM in-world or at venetiacazalet@gmail.com

You can also contact swa Sands in-world by IM (speaks Dutch, English and a small amount of French)

We both get offline IM's


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3838 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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