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Where the West Coasters??

Sephina Frostbite
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nahladahl wrote:

<--- California girl. *insert Katy Perry song*


Ugh...if you're going to use California Girls, at least pick a good band

The Beach Boys....Hell, I'd even take the David Lee Roth version over Katy Perry....

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I am west coaster,,, I am a night owl, so on after 9pm till wee hours, being self employed, so I can sleep in :). I am attached.

If you West Coaster, late night owl, and have some of the below interests.

I would like to chat or have a couple of west coast friends,, (not interested in RL cross over).  Currently as a noob just bought home and working on property, now want to learn about building items, also I intend to get full homestead soon and rent out parcels.  Want to learn various things about streaming own music into parcel, streaming video. Explore new stuff, etc.

Send me IM here first, will get back to you via IM here, then arrange something if possible.

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