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I'm sorry, I don't have any thoughts.  It's been that sort of day at work :-(

FWIW I always associated:

  • Geek = someone with more brains than a media moron
  • Nerd = someone with more brains than dress sense

Hmmm, I don't buy computers/tablets/phones as a fashion accessory or use twitface but I do know how they work; I'm definitely a geek.

I'm probably a nerd as well to the sort of people likely to use the word at all but only because my - wide and active - social circle isn't obsessed with fashion, celebrities and, well, media morons (except for the occassional media morons that can keep up).

[After sailing with some ex-Army mates this weekend I spent time with the other people living on the farm here.  They'd been foraging for wild Autumn fruits and things.  We were making bread, preserves, wine, etc.  In return I showed them how to use a reformatter and Zip to reduce the size of all the photos they were emailing home around the world.  Then we had a party.

One of the people has been living here for a couple of months now and we're still not sure whether it's "him" or "her".  Somehow I don't think the sort of people who need to call others 'geek', 'nerd' or anything else would be able to cope with any of this.  Back to the TV and 'lifestyle' magazines for them.  I have a life, sometimes several.]


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As the video says, when they released the track in the States, they changed "chip shop" in the lyrics to "truck stop" to mitigate American confusion.

I am not sure if Scouting For Girls ever made it across the Atlantic though.

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