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Mila Edelman

Do you know zBrush? I need a teacher! Yes, I pay.

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Do you know how to design clothing, objects and furniture using zBrush? Well, you might just be the person I'm looking for.

It's said that, when we can admit to others, and, most importantly, ourselves, that we need help, only then can we truly improve. I may make clothing quite well, but I'm admitting to you that I am utter crap when it comes to mesh and zBrush.

I'd like a teacher. I want to do some magnificent clothing, and, if possible, I'd like to learn to make building facades. But, let's start at the core of my business, and do clothing first. It's important and required that you know clothing. Furniture and buildings are nice but NOT required (I know that these are very different from doing clothing, so if you don't know them, it's absolutely unimportant).

My hours are extremely flexible. My Second Life business is my actual, first-life job, so I can come on to learn, working with your schedule (there are a few days during the month that I won't be able to sit for lessons, but that's rare). Weekdays or weekends, whichever is best. I prefer to learn with Skype or Google Hangout, as it's easier to work on these sorts of things when you don't have to type every thought you have.

Yes, this is a paid job. You are teaching me; you should be compensated. Either you may choose to be paid in (pick one, or ask for a combintation):

  • Lindens.
    Yep, just cash!

  • Web design and hosting.
    I'll put together a commercial site for your business, if you have one, and I'll host it for 2 years, free of charge. I have an extensive background in design and programming, with enormous commercial websites, with clients such as Disney, Universal and Fox, so you're getting the sum of a 16-year career. And I'll throw in the hosting for 2 years, free of charge.

  • Free stuff from my store.
    Anything you'd like, from vintage skins and hair, to clothing for adults and children. It can go to you or to anyone you wish, as a gift.

Contact me as Mila Edelman in-world (offline message or notecard), or e-mail me at mila.edelman@oldtimeprims.com

Thank you!

Edit to add: I had some people reply with recommendations for tutorials, but that is not the route I'd like to take. I have over 1000 products in my store (see http://www.oldtimeprims.com). I do know how to make clothes and textures (Photoshopping since 1996, as it's part of my work), and I'm fine searching for tutorials. However, this time, I'd like to learn to use zBrush with a teacher. I could go through the tutorials, but my reason for asking for a teacher is that I'd actually like a teacher.

Mila Edelman
Old Time Prims/Vintage Retro/1920s Berlin

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On a strange side note, this seems to be a very unorthodox request. I've actually put out an offer to pay someone to teach me, and folks keep sending me tutorials. I specifically want to pay someone to help me.

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Hi Mila,

I think you may be asking more than you realise. I use Zbrush quite regularly, but for objects and building components not clothing. I have also tried to teach people Zbrush before, and left them more confused than they were to begin with.

Its not a complex program, its just does everything differently to other 3d apps and it requires a kind of mental shift to use effectively. I say this because you might have better luck learning and getting a teacher if you can refine what you want to learn. I know this might be easier said than done, as often in these cases you don't know what you don't know (The Rumsfeld principle of 'unknown unknowns' :P)

My advice is to actually look at some of those tutorials. Zbrushcentral.com is an excellent resource, especially for the initial period of getting to grips with the interface. Then you can start asking specific questions about specific tools and effects

I don't have the time to be an actual teacher sorry (and I know NOTHING about clothes or fashion...), but I'm happy to help out with specific questions/suggestions. Good luck. :)


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