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An acquaintance of mine has become TOTALLY INVISIBLE to me. He is NOT blocked!


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I am using the current Firestorm Viewer.

An acquaintance of mine has become TOTALLY INVISIBLE to me.

He does not appear as a cloud.  I do not see any tags for him at all, name or otherwise.  I would not even know he was there except he appears on my Nearby List. 

He is NOT blocked.  He can IM me and we can also chat in Local.  I actually tried blocking and unblocking him a number of times to see if that might change things, but it did not.

I had him bumped me several times to see if he was physically there to me, and, yes, he is.  He could push me.

When I put my mouse pointer over him on the screen, well, I move it around to where he should be if I could see him, I get nothing.  No menu comes up.

Nothing on him shows in transparency mode to me, although it does with others right next to him.

Other people can see him just fine, without any problems!  To me, there is absolutely nothing there.

This was not a problem until a week or so ago.  Before that, I could see him perfectly fine.  He went off of SL for a few weeks and when he returned, I could not see him. 

I have been with him several times now, on different days, and it is always the same.  I can no longer see him at all, not even a tag.

I have *not* encounter this problem with anyone else that I am aware of.

What is going on?!


. . .


Oh, crap.  ANOTHER completely, clean reinstall?   This would be the 5th time this month; I had to do ones with the new Firestorm viewer! 

Plus, not only for the updates, but I ran into a similar problem of NOT being able to see the floors of a mansion another friend had build (only to have him delete the whole thing a few weeks later, because the owner of the sim decided to sell it (then, after my friend had deleted it, the owner decided *not* to sell it.  ARGH!).  Everyone else could see them and I could see everything else there, but not the floors.

I was wondering if this might be a similar problem to that.  D:  D:  D:

Well, it might be a solution, but it is not an answer for me.  It took me 3 days every time I had to do a clean reinstall to get everything back to the way it was!   I even printed out *every* page of my viewer's preferences (I think I ended up with near 30 pages) so I could set them the way I had.  (I recycled those in the trash several weeks ago.)

I hate to say this, but unless someone comes up with an better answer, it is not going to happen.  He's an acquaintance and I don't see him that often.  He can just stay invisible rather than my suffering (there is no other way to put it) doing yet *ANOTHER* clean reinstall.

* * *


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Hi Frank,

I'm going to guess this is viewer related, so you could download the standard SL viewer or another third party viewer to verify that the invisibility is Firestorm specific and not something server related.

If the other viewer works, or if you want do jump right to this step, do a clean re-install of Firestorm, which would clear out any local settings file that thinks your friend should be blocked. I know you went through the motions of unblocking him, but that doesn't mean the viewer actually did so correctly.

Here are instructions for a Firestorm clean install...


Good luck!

ETA: There's a known bug that causes random prims in the scene to vanish. That may explain the missing floor. You can usually cause the missing things to reappear by right clicking where they should be. I think Rolig Loon has had success by toggling wireframe mode on and off again as well.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3849 days.

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