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Furniture for a cat Avatar

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A nice basket bed, cat or kitty tree (some are pretty elaborate), scratching post, maybe a chest of drawers with one or more drawers pulled out, a miniature sofa to curl up on a nice water bowl and food dish on a mat. A nice big planter filled with cat **bleep**.

There is all kinds of neko furniture that is in a cat theme.  It is made for a normal size avatar, but if its mod you could probably shrink it as long as it doesn't have tiny prims as part of the design.

Search marketplace for cat , kitty and Neko in the furniture section of MP and also look in the pets section where some pet supplies are sold.  You will find little houses there too that he might enjoy.  Just be sure to get everything with mod perms so you can stretch it or shrink it to fit his avi. 


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