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Harassment and the bad review

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Ceka Cianci wrote:

Pamela Galli wrote:

Ceka Cianci wrote:

ya contacting the store owner first is always best..plus  i always end up talking about the good customer service i get when dealing with them when i do give a review if i had to use their customer service..


i've never really had bad customer service from any yet.(knock on wood).most are willing to go out of their way..

but i'm really nice when i do contact them also..

sometimes i even get extra free stuffs for being so awesome to them lol


I can't think of any negative experiences I have had with merchants, either. They are always very nice. I am always nice, too.  In SL, nothing works better than niceness :-) Actually, nothing but niceness works at all. Something some are slow to learn.


I remember my very first time ever in sl having to contact a merchant..

it was Wiccan Sojourner..

you may remember her? she was the owner of Bewitched Designs..

She passed away a few years ago..


anyways..i was at one of her mall stores and looking for this outfit called..

 NS_ShadoWiccan - Griefers Suck..

one of her venders was on the wall but i couldn'tget the buy sign to work..

i guess she forgot to put the item in there..


i was so excited to talk to her ..because i loved her clothes and spent a lot of money there..

so i was telling her how much i loved this outfit and this outfit and these boots and so on..


next thing i know i see this in a blue dropdown..

Wiccan Sojourner has given you this item..

NS_ShadoWiccan - Griefers Suck


then we talked for like an hour..

she was so awesome..and made me feel like merchants were just like one of us..

which at the time i didn't know they were..i thought they were something besides just regular users like us..

i still have everything i bought from her and will keep it as long as SL is around..

hearing about her passing away i had tears in my eyes..because she was really such a nice person that went out of her way for me and friended me as well on her friends list..


anotherone was  Munchflower Zaius the owner of Nomine skins..

omg she was so cool..

i don't know what it is ..but when i talk to these creators..we  end up talking for a good hour or two..

i was buying someone skins and actually bought them myself rather than gifting them..

she was so cool that even though i had the skins in my inventory..she sent new sets to the two guys i was buuying them for..

they were like 4k each..for these  skin packs..

how cool was that..

i had a ball talkign with her also..her store was so awesome and i loved her skins..

and i just can't help but brag about how good they are to them..how impressive their work is..

she was just down to earth and really nice..another that will always stick out in my mind for all my SL..


i don't really be nice to them for the stuff..that is just me kidding around..

i just think it's always best to start off nice and hope for the best ..if it goes a bad direction..then it's time to go another direction..


but that hasn't happened yet..

everyone so far has been pretty cool..

especially those first two that stick out in my mind..


Nope, I did not know Wiccan, but that is not surprising since even now I hardly know what goes on in SL outside my store (or the forums).

Since SL is my workplace, I don't socialize in SL in the usual sense. But I do do a lot of chatting with customers such as you describe above, and that is my SL social life. My entire friends list is customers. 

 I usually first "meet" customers when when they contact me with a question or customer service request, which almost always results in a pleasant interaction and often a friendly relationship going forward.  My job would be pretty dull and isolated without these pleasant little chats with such nice people. :-) 

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Melita Magic wrote:

PS I don't expect or really even want anyone to fight my battles for me or get between me and
somebody rabid.

In this thread you've posted an insult about another person.  (see above) 

Yet, you claim to have been insulted, even though those of us who have reading comprehension do not see any insults directed at you.



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Best CS I think I have ever had in Second Life. That is not to say I ever got bad CS, I really have not had a bad experience dealing with creators. If it is important enough for me to contact them at all, really. Most things can be worked out on it's own if the buyer reads etc. 


Pamela has always put her customers 1st. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2741 days.

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