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Motorcycle Advice Wanted


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I rezzed the OAM bike I was interested in at my house just to see what it would look like.  In trying to maneuver it  I managed to back it up off my property line and when I stood up it disappeared.


Got a new copy, plus some other demos, but haven't gotten much chance to try them out due to RL.  I noticed the OAM was around 65 prims, which seems excessive.  The Katana that Ceka showed was only 5 prims but I'm not ready to pay $L 4800  at this point.  Should I be obsessing about prims?  What is a reasonable number?

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Orca Flotta wrote:

Yeah, ACS is the engine used by most reasonable SL bike makers, it's mostly tweakable to your liking and allows you to fit the bike's size and seating position exactly to your avie.

ACS is common. But its not the best option. Its just common. A few motorcycle makers who use their own systems are much better, a few are much worse.


Test drive any motorcycle. Even among ACS motorcycles I have seen dramatic differences. Even when from the same seller - quite a few merchants will keep selling a bike using an old version of the script alongside another using a new version, rather than update their products (or downgrade if the new script is worse - which I have never seen but could happen).

If you can't rez and test one, buy elsewhere.

If possible, drive the test vehicle across sim borders a few times.

That said the real issue you will face with vehicles is script memory. You want script light vehicles, as sim crossings can be horrendous on script heavy vehicles. I have one mesh 'VW Bug' car that goes nuts on any sim crossing in Bay City... BUT has an option to eject all but the driving scripts, and when I do that, its the smoothest ride I own...

(It has all sorts of scripts for operating the doors, rezzing drinks in the cup holder, rezzing skateboards, etc... all of which are great for one parked in a lot, but not good for the copy I use to drive around).


I think the name 'MLCC' (or something similar), is the shop I have had the best luck with in buying motorcycles, and I have over a dozen bikes in SL. But again, this could just be that I bought the right motorcycle from that shop... test every vehicle. Thankfully MLCC's shop is surrounded by a motocycling club, and you can ride their bikes all over the track. Many motorcycle shops do this, or are alongside mainland roads.


Going full mesh and only mesh is just fine if you so desire - the issue that disabled mesh for a while in crossings was a specific bug fix to... get mesh working right... and it happened once, and only once... it just took them a few months to do about a year and a half back.

All land owned by me (in my picks) allows rezzing. Some of that land is road or waterside if you wish to go along roads. Many people on road lots do that. On -most- of mainland there is one parcel on the road that allows rezzing, usually at one of the spots where the road meets the sim border - but only one of them. On water... its less common, and they sometimes only have one spot for an entire lake, sea, or river - maybe even NO spots, and you have to find a private lot that has turned on rezzing for boaters...


Also, when riding a bike, cut down on your own scripts. Don't wear anything script heavy if at all possible. I generally recommend never wearing / buying anything you can disable or delete the scripts out of - and I like to always make a copy of items I wear in which I have deleted the scripts, saving the original only for when I need to change setup.

- Weather or not you can do this with your fashion statement, do make sure you do it with your driving / riding outfits.



 (Bought my MLCC bike after the second image was taken. In the first image, its just behind the Bug and in front of the gs pump... where you can't really see it... :P )



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Tallulah Bilavio wrote:

I've just built my first bike.  My front wheel pivots when i turn but i cant get the front fender to turn with the wheel.  It looks ridiculous staying straight when the wheel turns  Any advice please? Im using ACS.

Try it out in a couple of different sims and on some mainland roads. If the problem persists... its a bad design and you're likely stuck.

But I have seen this occur from time to time when parking some of my bikes, and a second attempt would fix it - so hopefully its just a temporary issue.

This is one reason I always buy things like vehicles, if they cost more than a few linden $s, after demoing them in world. And I'll take hours comparing demoes of different vehicles before picking.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2785 days.

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