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Nexus Isle Medieval Themed Sim

Hubes Darkfold

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Nexus Isle is located not far from the mainland...but the short trip by sea can challenge even the most experienced of sea goers. Nexus Isle's small port does see many ships despite the dangers however...Some come for the many shops owned by skilled craftsmen and merchants of all kinds, some to escape the restrictions and rules imposed on them in other lands, others for the glory of victory in the arena.

There are even those who have heard of the more seedy businesses hidden beneath the castle...a place where some indulge their more primal desires.

Overlooking everything is Nexus Castle...set high on the mountainous North West part of the Isle it is the home of Lord Hubes and his lia.


Set on a full prim sim, Nexus Isle is an adult medieval themed territory that uses the Spell Fire III meter (optional) The meter is available on-site for free and inexpensive weapons are available for purchase at the weapons shop. The Isle is a conglomeration of many goals and ideas...it houses private home rentals, medieval themed item shops, combat events in the arena, a slave market and adult play dungeon. While the Isle fully supports and encourages RP, it is by no means a requirement and fully welcomes all travelers to come visit or even settle down and stay

Nexus Isle is also currently populated with NPC bots that greet nearby players as well as use an AI to talk with players (just mention their name in a question or comment while in their chat range and they'll respond). The next phase in the NPC's development will be the ability to have them move along certain paths predesignated to them...allowing for scenarios like guard NPCs patrolling the castle walls or NPCs walking about the town talking with players. These new features by GroupTools are Beta tested here on Nexus Isle so any input by visitors of the Isle will be given directly to GroupTools.


Current availabilities:

*Shop/store owners and private homes:
    There are currently many buildings available to rent throughout the Isle. Rentals have default rates to allow visitors to rent instantly, but I'm happy to work with anyone to get them the exact prim allowance and rates they need.

    Default store/home rates are: L$400 per week for 225 prims in main square, L$200 per week for 125 prims outside the square, L$300 per week for 165 prims at the end of the main street, and a single 4 story tall building near the church and cemetery that's $750 per week for 400 prims. If you'd like more or less prims it can easily be arraigned at better than L$2 a week per prim. There are also rooms for rent in the Inn if you're looking for something smaller.

*Slave Market Manager:
     Nexus Isle is currently in need of a manager to run the Slave Market. Position pays 40% of all completed bids...anyone interested please message me for details.


Please send a notecard with any questions, requests, or comments to Hubes Darkfold inworld. My avatar is online nearly 24/7 because I'm usually logged in even while I'm sleeping or at work so I will respond immediately the next time I'm at the keyboard. If I am not available and you need an immediate response you can also contact lilnaughtylia Resident or Kadaj Yoshikawa who help manage Nexus Isle.

Thank you all for taking the time to read all this and I hope to see you all soon!

Links to locations on the Isle:
Town Square


Slave Market

Town Square 2.jpgTown Square 1.jpgCastle.jpgArena.jpgDocks.jpg

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2900 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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