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Examples Of SL Meetings That Later Became RL Meetups

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Malereh wrote:

It's kind of funny when it comes to all the things I've been taught about relationships. I was at first taught what you just said; being romantic and everything. It actually ended up with me becoming a doormat and being waled all over. I was then told that if I wanted to stop that, that I should be aggresive and confident. Now I'm being told to be romantic again. Pretty confusing.


But yes, I might as well admit being only after one thing, but I've learned long ago not to care what others thing. I guess I learned that after I decided to stop being a Nice Guy.

You can be romantic without being a doormat, you just have to find the right balance...personally I'm not really into romantic gestures, sending me virtual flowers etc would see me running for the hills..on the other hand, sending me a gun that shoots teddy bears would make me laugh and be a really thoughful gesture.

I can't cope with a bad boy, nor can I cope with a good boy, I want something in the middle...make me laugh without being insulting, take me dancing one day, then to some fun place he next, this is the right balance for most women. Just never force things to happen, let them happen when they happen..if you want a relationship you can't rush it, if you just want a quickie then carry on as you are, but you'll never really be happy because you want more.

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