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Narugawanaisa Yumako

Looking for somewhere Beautiful

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For beautiful sims in SL you can't go far wrong with:

B.C.C, Cours (63, 211, 21)

[Leroy], Leroy (165, 79, 25)   (go up to the exhibitions in the spheres)

World's End Garden, Worlds End Garden (133, 195, 0)   (you start underwater, find the bridge to the anywhere door and go up to the surface)

Hazardous, Misali (165, 166, 194)   (jump on the tile, or just jump!)

in my opinion, anyway.  Anyone else beat them for sheer loveliness?


Fun ones that are also pretty good looking:

Owtagetcha Bayou, Montego Beach Northeast (204, 78, 27) (fairground with some very unusual and entertaining rides)

Spencer Museum of Art, Spencer Art Museum (56, 36, 21) (has to be seen - and bounced around on a flying pink sofa - to be believed.  Still probably my favorite sim in SL)

Hope you have a wonderful date!

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I would really like to know some places, too.

Garden-y places.

Not date or romantic ones.

Places people have tried and liked.


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