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Only a few hours left to get 2 Bonus days when you rent on Riviera Island

Venetia Cazalet

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In celebration of the arrival of the *Royal Baby* here in the UK I decided to add 2 bonus days in addition to the current offer for anyone who rents a parcel before Midnight (SLT) on Monday 29 July 2013.


*Summer Sizzler Sale* on Riviera Island

All remaining parcels have 50% Instant Refund on the first and second rental payment!!!! Parcels are going fast so HURRY to get the best deal!!




Here is the LM to our NEW TP board area.  Full details are also on each parcel.


Permissions on all parcels

* Terraforming the land allowed but no hills higher than one metre

* Change music/media urls allowed

* Building allowed

* Rezz objects allowed

* Set landing points allowed

* Build in the sky above your parcel at 800m or higher allowed

Any buildings, trees, plants, signs and off-sim rocks, jettys and waves etc are NOT included in the sale - ask us to take them away if you would prefer to rez your own.

Help with your land and setting up your home is always available and always free, just ask.

**** Please remember to read the covenant before you buy as these are the terms and conditions that you have to agree to when you buy ****

Come and see the stunning Island and the gorgeous corners and parcels all with ocean frontage just waiting for your home. Most of the parcels also have direct access to the central lake area.

Guarantee: You will always be treated with respect. You will always be consulted about any changes that might affect the residents on the Island. Any suggestions you have regarding the Island will be listened to and discussed. If you need to leave before the end of your rental time I will refund you any unused time.

My Promise to my residents: You will never log in one day and find your home and the Island gone and your rental money stolen. Please make sure you join the Riviera Island Residents group so we can keep you informed of any issues with the Island.

Riviera Island View


Recreational Facilities

We have nice recreational facilties which are free to use for all residents and their friends. The central landscaped lake area has seating, animations, wildlife and a fishing raft and is very pretty.

Above the lake is the Riviera Lounge Globe Venue a stunningly romantic place to dance - set midnight for best effect.

Above the Globe Venue is the Games Platform. This has two 10 Pin Bowling Lanes and also Clay Pigeon shooting, both are so much fun to play.

Links to Recreational Facilities

Central Lake area with fishing raft and animations - very relaxing


Riviera Lounge Globe "Dancing Under the Stars" Venue in the sky - so romantic


Games platform in the sky, we currently have 10 Pin Bowling and Clay Pigeon Shooting - great fun


If you have any questions contact Venetia Cazalet (speaks English) by IM in-world or at venetiacazalet@gmail.com

You can also contact swa Sands in-world by IM (speaks Dutch, English and a small amount of French)

We both get offline IM's 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3603 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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