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Land Parcels, Skyboxes, and Market Stalls

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Available now on a low-lag, private adult island, with many entertainment options:


  • Two 2048 parcels with 468 prims (or combine them to make one 4096 parcel).
  • Low-cost Fully furnished, uniquely designed skyboxes - two styles available
  • Market stalls and ad boards, surrounding the landing point of a popular club

Located adjacent to the House of the Rising Sun Blues/Rock Club and Crimson Nights. Amenities, available to all, include:

  • Game room, featuring the best games on the grid
  • Rezzable jetskis and sailboards, with plenty of water to sail them on
  • Fishing
  • Private conversation and "other" areas
  • The friendliest club on the grid, featuring the best in blues and rock
  • Much more

Check us out today!



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