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WANTED , Co-Designer @ FILTHY Skins ( Male skin designer )

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I adore creating female skins , but when it comes to male ones i do NOT have the touch , so i will be needing a male skin designer .
Simple rules before applying
1. NO copyboted / stolen templates
2. If you are using templates , it must be at least 70-80% edited and modified
3. Devoted people only
4. Looking for quality work
5. At least 1 release per 2 months is requiered
6. Demos are requiered 0L
7. I release group gifts regularly / i do expect the same from the other designer ( not requiered but apreciated )
I have an established clientele of males and females
How i work :
I sell the base skin ( 3 brow type / 6 tones ) 900L per tone , then the client as the option to purchase the makeups ( as tattoo layers ) 100L , i offer tango and slink skin appliers 100L each tone
Male skins should follow pretty much the same concept ( beards tattoo layers instead of makeups )
Interrested ? Send a notecard inworld to Alexandra Barcelos with :
Avatar name :
Avatar key :
Example of skin ( either in picture or send a skin to my inventory ) :
Brand name ( if you own a store already ) :
Are you a trustworthy person ? : 

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