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Fondelling Anims

Maelstrom Janus
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Most collars let you do that.  Your reference to "my girl" makes me suspect she may have such an item.   If she does, ask her if there's a "couples" or "partners" option anywhere in the menu.

Otherwise, a simple hug/kiss attachment should do it (there's plenty of free ones that let you add your own anims).   That's the method the collars use anyway.    But if it's a collar, then you're able to initiate it.

The problem is, as with all couples animations that don't use poseballs, it can be tricky getting yourselves aligned properly.  But that's just inherent in SL and the way animations and lsl calls work.

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I never realised her collar might let me get up to naughty stuff...having said that always too busy using that to undress her :D ( my girl cos she might have belted me one if Id mentioned her name especially when we're tinies and shes a hamster armed with a lethal handbag)



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