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What is this at a adult safehub?

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I've noticed at all the adult safe hubs....




There's 2 of them at all the safehubs.

Object. Created by Garden Mole. Owned by Michael Linden.


I must ask, Is this what the LL's do on their spare time?

Or some sign of the illumanti?

Shed some light please?

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Maybe art devoted to male genitals ?

Oh dear, just wait  till the feminists see that they find already tooo many objects look a like. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

Could you check if it´s scripted, like a visitor counter or sim stats ...


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Jenni Darkwatch wrote:

AFAIK "Moles" are not always LL employees

Moles are in fact 'contractors' (all skilled content creators) engaged by the DPW from the resident pool and are not Lab employees. They are paid an hourly rate.

A very limited number of their creations such as road surfaces are available to other residents at the Mole Mart on Leafminer. A few years ago, I saw a rezzed Mole building I really liked and wanted to use for my shop so sent an IM to the Mole who created it asking was it possible to get a copy. He very kindly told me where I could get a full perm version which was a rather obscurely placed vendor under the monorail station at Port of Karma City on Mosh. Took me a while to locate it but various buildings and some Zindra textures were available there. I'm sure there are other places too.

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Yep. In fact, those Mosh vendors supply the planter/bench thingy that these poles are in, "3c - Yangyin flower planter", from a pack called "LDPW Zindra Content - Planters & Benches". At least on Arapaima, you can also just take a copy of the planter, and of the poles themselves. The poles are super glowy and slightly transparent, so I'm thinking they're supposed to be some kind of futuristic light. (They don't themselves emit light, but those planters sure do.)

There's free Mole stuff scattered all around, but besides the Leafminer Mole Mart, a couple of good sources are http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Inner%20Harbor/10/30/26 for Bay City stuff (I think the same stuff is also at Hau Koda airport Local Information desk), and for Nautilus builds, textures, etc., try The Market at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus%20-%20Shalim/227/110/25.

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