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last days of the exposition of pictures

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shibuya rp have lot of pictures framed, made by me. Some are mixt (rl / sl), few are full rl, others are full 3D. I have put on the place lot of workks on photography.

But time is time, and it's will time in few days to unrezz this exposition. All pictures will be removed and a new way will begin. 

If you want to see, you have only few days ... after it's will too late and you will never see the expo in sl or in rl.


One of last works on photogrpahy  (mixted photography rl / sl ) but ... for the new expo. I have put only 2 or 3 pictures of the next expo on the sim. 

This is one of the futur expo ... But if you want the last ... you have only one thing to  do it's ... TP  inworld :





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