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Changing graphics settings with keystrokes

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Other then using Control + P to open preferences really quick-like I don't think so. :(  Not for draw distance anyways..

I could see how features like that could be really useful though, especially for combat/roleplay sims where some people need to quickly change graphic settings to get a quick FPS boost to even be able to participate in said combat.

From the Advanced Menu (Control + Alt + D), you can scroll down to Rendering Types to see the hotkey codes for certain rendering items.  Many of those can be disabled on the fly to get a quick FPS increase, although you wouldn't want to disable them all--really it depends on what you're doing lol.

Firestorm has a "Quick Preferences" button which will let you get to your draw distance quickly.. see attached screenshot..

As for gestures to change viewer settings, I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think it's possible, somebody else may be able to confirm that.. I'm too lazy to test.. :)



Hope this helps. :)


EDIT -> I haven't made a gesture in a long time but I went and tried.  The menus don't really give you a way to issue hotkey commands to the viewer, just.. well, animations, chat, etc etc.  So I would wager to say using a gesture would be impossible to change those settings but I never like to give definitive answers like that, because if I have even one thing wrong people like to come along and tear my posts apart lol. :)

Also, while I mentioned earlier the feature would be useful, I could see a lot of potential abuse happening from a feature like that... any of those malicious residents out there could then make some sort of gesture that totally ruins all your viewer settings.  While you'd still be able to look at the gesture to see exactly what all it changed, not everybody knows how to do those kinda things, and one terrible full perm gesture like that circulating the grid could spell for a customer service nightmare for LL.

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Firestorm allows you to use keystrokes to change draw distance.

Just type "dd xxx" in local without the quotes substituting the distance you want for 'x.'

I keep my distance set at 64m and only step up as needed.  This is more than enough for most clubs and other places. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3024 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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