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Couldbe Yue

Adult mainland plots for sale

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All plots except for the zindra waterfront have gone now.


Two Three of my plots have now gone so here is the final list of my mainland plots for sale.

Second Life Maps | Fillip


Since I couldn't find anyone to rent the island, it's now up for sale. It's a rare mainland island. Ready to move in if you wish or you can return all the items and start afresh. Linden water on 3 sides and Linden wreck close by. Faces west. Either rent for 20,000L per month (I can't help it, I still really don't want to sell it) or buy.

24432m 5592 prims

Zindra River Frontage - Norf Haven
Second Life Maps | Norf Haven

5 plots facing west with their own beach and a linden protected water boundary.

sizes range from 3840 - 8768m2. You can always go crazy and recombine them again if you need the whole lot - it's just over 27,000 m2

Zindra River Frontage - Destonia
Second Life Maps | Destonia

This is on a primarily residential sim where the other plot owners have pretty well been there since we all moved over back in 2009. It has its own beach and water plus has a linden water boundary. It looks west down the river to the Linden ocean and has great sunsets.

4224m2 966prims

I've also got a 8000+m2 patch of flat and green on mature somewhere.. I think I'll just abandon that unless someone wants to make me an offer.

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I found my patch of green and have broken it up into 1024ish size plots.  They're all around .5 L/m2

Some of my neighbours appear to have abandoned but LL hasn't set the land for sale so if you fancy some cheap mainland these may appeal as I'll abandon what I don't sell, so pick your plot right and you may end up with no neighbours to bother you.

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still trying to get rid of the Zindra plots..  now down to 8L/sqm.  They've got protected river frontage and a pretty good view.

If you want one and want me to size one down, drop me a line.  The land tools make it too hard to chop them easily into nice sized plots so I didn't bother but I will cut you something to suit if it means I keep the land from the land flippers.


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