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New Payment System Questions?


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Arwen Serpente wrote:

Since the $L Balance in the upper right hand corner of the MP continues to disappear even after the "fix" for the non-payment issue (which no one knows yet
it has fixed the payment issue), it would appear that things are still broken with this rollout.

Bug Report filed:

You were reading my mind Arwen. Here is my post-mortem analysis of what went wrong. (Keep in mind this is all conjecture on my part but is based on my knowledge of payment processing systems, SQL-based data management systems and high availability distributed systems.)

When they converted the Marketplace to use the "Standard" secondlife.com payment system, they created a new "wire" from the Marketplace to secondlife.com. Unfortunately the system they connected the wire to on the secondlife.com side is a very busy tie point and thus, from time to time, is prone to returning a "connection failed" or some similar type of error.

The code they implemented on the Marketplace side did not take into account that an error *might* be returned. Thus when an error did occur, the result would either be a blank L$ balance showing on the top bar or, in the case of payments to Merchants, no payment made.

The fix they have just rolled out added error handling code for Merchant Paymetns only. It does not handle errors returned when retrieving the L$ balance for display on the top bar. This *may* mean that merchant payments will get paid always, but really should have been done fully instead of only partially.

As I said, this is just my edumacated guess on what went on. But really, error checking and handling is de rigeur for coding in high demand systems. However it is one of those "finesse" things that programmers learn over a career and not something they teach you about in college where the "Lab Environment" is always 100% successful.

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I have to say I am disturbed how when we ask a question in our tickets, 9 out of 10 times they refer us to posts or threads of everyone else complaining about the same issue.  However they always tend to close our tickets without a resolution.  Can't say I find their methods and handling of our problems in a very inspiring way.  I'm not saying the reps from LL are bad or mean, but, having worked in customer service and call centers for over 10 years, I find the response method cold and lacking in personal approach to our dilemas and issues.  They are making money on our sales and our creations.  Don't we merrit a little better in service than to just say, "

Please refer to the update posts from CommerceTeam Linden on the Second Life Commerce Merchants Forum thread, located here:



http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/New-Payment-System-Questions/m-p/2076265#M36211" ???


How about just setting up a team to refund us while they attempt to locate the problem??  Why do we always have to wait?

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Maddy Effingham wrote:

Well the respond I got from Dakota Linden is that it may take up to a week for the refund/compensation...so I suggest just keep a close eye on your SL transactions for any transactions relating to the irginal failed payment

Since CTL said that already, did you expect him to give you a  different answer?

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I filed a JIRA because my issue still isn't resolved.  It was closed as a duplicate and the original is listed as resolved.  That doesn't work so well for me.  I understand waiting a few days for repayment, but if the bug isn't fixed, that does me no good.

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So thanks to Sonya's "SL Merchant Group" email notice, this is the first I have heard of LL Commerce Team's latest glorious screw-up of Marketplace.  As soon as I read the announcement from the Commerce Team and read this thread I had a cold feeling go through me that this might be why I have noticed sales lower than normal lately.  Then I had to figure out how to easily determine how many of my sales since about June 21st had been affected.

What I did was download all ORDER TXs from the ORDERS report into an excel spreadsheet from June 21 to today.  I then went to the main SL Account TX History and downloaded all TXs from the same period and opened that up in another spreadsheet.  With this spreadsheet I sorted by "Resident/Group" and deleted all row that were not from "Commerce Linden".

I then placed the two spreadsheets side-by-side and copied over the TXs from one to the other when I found a match.  When I went through this process I had a discrepancy of 5 TX out of a total of 50 Marketplace TXs that showed DELIVERED.

There were THREE interesting observations:


  1. The 5 missing TXs were all $0L freebies!  The first was on July 2nd and last one today.  So I had no missing transactions for any order where I was owed actual $L. 
  2. As far as my records shows, after Jun 24th LL has decided to no longer post $0L TX in the Merchant's main TX History record.  I have attached an image that clearly shows that on and before June 24, LL used to post ALL Marketplace TXs even if they were $0L.  Now they have stopped.  WHY?  They post every other TX inworld - like gifts of $0L.  Why would they stop this important consistent posting of ALL Marketplace TX?
  3. The Marketplace and the Main SL TX History logs are exactly 7 hours apart when reporting TX time.


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Antimony Battery wrote:

 "...I'm wondering if a SOPA-blackout style protest where MP store owners put all their items in inactive status for a day or two isn't in order?

I like ^this^ idea a lot! It would certainly put things in perspective in a quantifiable manner for LL.

I'd go for it!

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Hello to all,
this week I lost a lot of Linden for non-receipt after sales. A little while ago I lost another. I opened 2 tickets and a bug on Jira, but apparently was not resolved anything. My money has been lost. No refund and I lost about L$ 4000. I'm very ungry.

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hi to all,

after reading this forum I go and checked my Marketplace and transaktion history and

" we have a winner" yay :matte-motes-confused:

I found many faild payments, so I fill a ticket and list all missing transaktions.

Not even 5 hours later. . .  the  answer...


July 9, 2013, 10:05 a.m.
Dakota Linden
Hello Sweetgwendoline Bailey,

The marketplace team aware of this issue and are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and get involved Merchants credited.

Commerce Linden team was posting updates to this topic on the Second Life commerce dealer forum. You can read these updates here:

http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/New-Payment-System-Questions/mp/2067699 # M35956

http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/New-Payment-System-Questions/mp/2074707 # M36137

If, after the team Marketplace posts an update stating that dealers were credited your account will still lack funds, please file a bug report Second Life, so that the Marketplace team can continue to investigate the problem for you.



Dakota Linden
Linden Lab
SL Marketplace Customer Support


In fakt of all the merchants and the reason The marketplace team knows about this issues...

I have one question... 

REALY ????  File a bug report Second Life ????


But heya get an other Massage this morning... *thinks... if this is my only problem I would be happy about  it*

Congratulations, Sweetgwendoline Bailey!
As the result of your contributions to the community, you have earned a new rank. Your new rank is Recognized Resident. To learn more about ranks and roles on Community.secondlife.com, please visit here.
We appreciate your efforts and hope you will continue to be an active member of the community.
The Second Life Community Team


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Commerce Team, I filed a JIRA/Bug Report for the issue of $L Balance in the upper right hand corner of the MP disappearing.

Bug Report filed: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-3172

I had previously filed and closed a bug report for the same issue (closed it because at that time I thought it was a problem on my end): https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-2989

This morning, one of the resident "helpers" who does have access to the JIRAs, closed the new JIRA I created as a duplicate of the prior one even though I had closed the original myself.

So now, the bug persists and there is no action on it. 

Since I cannot change the status or comment on a closed JIRA with the new way it functions, this bug will persist unless you do something about it.  I'm not filing yet another JIRA just to see it closed as well.

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Sweetgwendoline Bailey wrote:

Hi Arwen,

Same to me ! ! !

My bug Ticket is closed as "duplicate" and I have no way to reaktivate it or get an answer. So what to do now?


Hey there :)

I have no idea what to do to help CTL troubleshoot anymore... we are asked to open JIRAs when we see bugs, then they get closed without resolution or explanation. I'm at a total loss as to how to communicate effectively with CTL at this point.

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CommerceTeam Linden wrote:

We have just released an update to the Marketplace to fix the bug with Merchant payments. ...

I regret to inform you that your fix .. is not. I have three orders for items purchased today and only two of those are present in the Main SL Transaction History; the Freebie transaction is not present. Thus your fix did not fix the problem.

Please return to the grindstone and ... try again.

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I have 100% Of one of my Marketplace items set up to go to my Alt Account, so far during this transition I am still waiting on 5690L$ for sales in which my distributer was not paid.  All I can Politely ask is that these funds be returned in a timely and effective manner. 

I Feel that 5 days is quite a long time and as a buisness, just like Linden Labs. I should start charging them 5% intrest per day on these failed transactions. Because were all victims of these fees when moving our money around. 

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My Opinions....  

1. It's VERY slow, if I wanted to wait half a century to buy something I would just shop in world and stand around waiting for textures to rez. :matte-motes-asleep-2:

2. As a merchant I feel like I'm not getting some of my money.. I know for a fact that a few transactions I have yet to recieve the lindens for. It's one thing when it's a 200L item but it's a WHOLE other when you are selling full perm semi exclusive items for 7000L and you arnt getting paid for them. That's messing with my REAL LIFE money and that pisses me of beyond word. :matte-motes-mad:

3. Email notifications are extremely slow, my associate was affraid that I did not put her cut on an item we recently released because normally she'd get an email saying she has a cut of the proceeds on the item as soon as it's released but she didnt get it this last time until almost an hour later. Luckily we have alot of trust in one another but for those who are sketchy about who they are working with that could cause alot of drama for them. :matte-motes-impatient:

4. The previous marketplace was finally getting to a point where most of the known issues had become issues of the past. Listing issues had been fixed for most sellers including myself, Direct Delivery has pretty much stopped us merchants from going through the daily redeliever stage every morning over coffee.. I don't see alot of change other then it being slow and screwing merchants over... Having more payment options is lovely for some I'm sure and that is wonderful, but screwing over the merchants money wise is a great way to FALL. Seems LL does alot lately to show no appreciation of give a sh*t for merchants which I find extremely sad. :matte-motes-crying:

And that's it... All I have to say about this.. I don't shop alot except for hair and the occasional moments I want to play dress up with my avatar but when I do I think I'll start trying to shop in world cause I don't want to have a merchant not getting my money for their items. :/

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I filed a JIRA and was updating everyday with the new non paid items, and it was closed as 'duplicate' opened a CS ticket again, and same 'copy/paste' response that I need to file a JIRA, so its circular and I don't know which department is keeping track of what you need to pay me  :matte-motes-frown:

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This is how it looks like when I made a sale on MP:

Purchased on: July 10, 2013 11:15 pm PDT
Buyer's Price (for delivered items): L$990
Distributions Total (for delivered items): L$940
Marketplace Commission (for delivered items): L$50
Your Earnings (for delivered items): L$0

Your Total Earnings (for delivered items): L$0

Where is my money???


It shows clearly that I have sold item for 990 but I didnt get paid - and there are many more I wasnt aware of and I will have to keep all the emails I got of transactions been made with 0 L earnings.


When will LL fix this? MP must be closed now untill its fixed !!!



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Dear LL,

we are not Baby´s, we are not stupid individuums, we are not crap! So do your work and pay us the money that we have earned because of our work and our sales. I am tired of reading the same bla bla bla when something new from LL does not work. Your new advanced system does not work at all! Put on the old system and do your homework. Have you heard of Beta testers? I guess not. I sell on marketplace and dont get payed, i buy on markedplace and if I dont watcht carefully I buy the same thing, tow times, three times, four times, because the marketplace does not update the basket after purchase! I too have to pay my rentals to other people and at last instance to LL. So dont tell us that you need more then three days to investigate on a filed case. You received the transaction code via filed bug report, you are able to see into my account and actually see that I wasnt payed, so what is your problem? I personally dont care if you cant find the money due to your recent update, that is not my problem, but it is my Money. So pay me or I withdraw all of my shops from marketplace and inform all of my customers, a few hundret filed in a sales report system that actually works, that marketplace has huge problems and that merchants are not beeing payed for their work.

AnnaL Shepherd

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well on my side,...

i had to deal in the previous 4 days with another side of LL incompetent customer support, since my account was on hold bec my paypal has been hacked on saturday. it took less than 12 hours to fix with paypal, less than 24 hours with other webstores i had an order pending BUT indeed, almost 5 days for SL... 

So i couldnt check any transaction history neither on my dashboard, neither in the MP. For now, i didnt had still time to cross every boards. 

It seems that all the sales i had have been paid...i cant be unlucky everytime :smileywink:.... 

but as for Darrius... my freebie sales do not appear on my transaction history from my dashboard.

Not a real big annoyance bec they are freebie, but still, i extract all the datas of my transactions from this dashboard that i manage later in Xcel... So id like to know for sure now if i will have to report these transactions manually in the future or not.

Anyway, this is not the first time CTL act like this with merchants.. remember the problem with wrong pics displayed (still not totally fixed for some merchants) , we have been exactly treaten the same...  At first ive been so surprised to see such thing from an installed US company, but now im not surprised anymore....That s just pathetic.

im going now, to check cautiously every activity on my MP, at the first failure, ill unlist every of my items temporary. I had to deal enough with LL incompetence these 5 later days, i wont be able to have more patience...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2913 days.

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