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Newbie to Ubuntu. How to install SL to ubuntu 12.04 LTS ?

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I am a new user to Linux.


Totally Clueless how to install SL in it. But I would like to play SL.


 i have tried downloading "SL Viewer" but after I clicked on "Install.sh" file nothing happened.


Your help is much appreciated. Note that I am really clueless about ubuntu. a step by step guide will be helpful.





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That was the terminal in which the viewer ran. As no viewer window opened, it seems  there's  another problem with your system configuration which prevents the viewer from starting.

Try the following:

Open a terminal window

Open the folder that contains your secondlife.sh file

Drag that file onto the terminal and drop it (drag and drop, really easy)


Click into the terminal window with your left mousebutton and click return

Post the whole text that appears inside this window here.

My presumption: You're using a 64 bit system which requires the installation of  certain compatibility libs  to run 32 bit viewers like the official SL viewer or you're not using the right  graphics card driver. The information from the terminal will show the problem, which can be fixed  most probably then.


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i've been trying to find info in installing SL on ubuntu (using ubuntu 14.02 lts) and am suprized how little info there seems to be in the forums, in fact i cant see a tech forum on here at all./

however i tried the above suggestion with the official linux viewer from SL website and here is what it says when u put the .sh into terminal:

<<You are not running as a privileged user, so you will only be able
to install the Second Life Viewer in your home directory. If you
would like to install the Second Life Viewer system-wide, please run
this script as the root user, or with the 'sudo' command.

Proceed with the installation? [Y/N]: y
 - Installing to /home/paul/.secondlife-install
bash: /home/paul/.secondlife-install/etc/refresh_desktop_app_entry.sh: No such file or directory>>

i havnt a clue what that means,and dont understand why i havnt the above priveliges as admin. but then i am a newbie at full ubuntu installation.

i would love to see SL run in a linux platform as i find, generally,things run like a real treat with it.



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I know this is over a year old but I found an answer.


Imon Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I just installed it tonight and Im a total newbie to Linux OS's lol.

Anyway here is what worked:

1.) I created a folder in my home directory named Programs

2.) I downloaded the latest SL Viwer from the website and extracte it to the Programs folder

3.) I opened thde file and double clicked on "Second Life" then chose Run.

4.) The program opened and I went in world

Now if anyone manages to read this, can anyone tell me how to make a clickable icon on my desktop? I would like to open SL from my desktop but im not sure how yet. See? Total newb to Linux.


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LOL, that's exactly the question I never found the answer to myself. I always open the viewer folder and start by doubleclickering the Singularity 64-bit Alpha (coz datz my viewer) icon. And, right, SL seems to run much smoother on my Manjaro Linux than it ever did on Windoze. :smileyhappy:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2445 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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