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Is this Illegal?

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Suspiria Finucane wrote:

LepreKhaun wrote: A lot


 I was attempting to reply to Madeline Blackbart in a continuation, hence -3 and not -51
   My bad for clicking the wrong post at 3 AM.




I deffinatly do not deserve random down votes. The gest of my post is fact. My main point is 1. artist deserve to be paid for the hard work and I fail to see how this is not a fact. and 2. That copyright exists and that the OP is trying to break it. I fail to see how these two main points aren't fact. I just do.  You can call me childish and immature all you want but you can't change those two things I'm sorry.


Edit for further clarification: I also fail tos ee how I originally deserved a down vote for pointing out the fact one can be sued for this and that artist want to be paid for there work. These two things are also FACTS not opinions. It's not "childish" to point out the fact that artists spend years developing a skill and want to be paid for it.


I suppose you could arguable call it an opinion that they deserve to be paid for but then it's a bit twisted to do so as no one is expect other people like scientists and mathamaticions to work for free. I still fail to see how it's then expect that ARTISTS who spend equal to OR MORE time developing a skill should be expect to work for free. BUt I suppose that is just an "opinion". One that I'm sure many would back me up on. But also apperantly the desire to make a living on ones skill is just  a "childish opinion".

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As you can see, seeking legal advice in a public forum can cause something of a stir, especially on a thorny a topic as copyrights*. Much more important than whether it is illegal, is whether it is against LL's ToS, and that is much easier to find out, simply read it and, if you need clarification of the fine points, go to https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/ip/tutorial.php? and take what is known as the "mesh test" (which, I'll point out, has on its starting page "If you need advice on intellectual property rights, we suggest you contact an attorney.")


I say the ToS is more important because the likelihood of being sued or having a DMCA take down notice filed against you by Disney may be slight but the Linden's do take ToS violations seriously, for the most part.


But, there's still another consideration that may be more important that- SL is a (very real) society with an established social code. And you may be both (barely) legal and (just) within the ToS but run afoul of that. As you can see, opinions on this subject can run hot (and rightly so!) when one considers what creators contend with along the lines of content thieves, copybot programs and blatant disregard for their licensing agreements. Having creators turn against you may prove to be the undoing of any commercial venture as well as taking all the fun out of the SL experience you might otherwise have had.


And, finally, there's the most important of all considerations- how one feels about their own actions. If one does doubtful things it will tend to harm your self image over time. It's good that you have asked the questions you did because the responses you received here may influence you towards a more "livable" course of action. It's a good thing to go to bed each night with a clear conscious.


* Ever notice, in mainstream movies when they have a birthday party scene you'll rarely hear anyone sing "Happy Birthday"? There's a reason for that- the song is actually under copyright protection (see Copyright status at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Birthday_to_You if you didn't realize this)!

Now, let me ask the reader- How many times have you, your family and your friends sung this song w/o permission???

{Edited for readability}

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