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Marcodigi Aeon

City of Esalinus ( Gorean Roleplay )

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Recruiting all castes!

The city of Esalinus is to the south-east of the woods of Clearchus and is the closest city to the Sardar mountains. The inhabitants of this calm place are closest goreans to the truth of Gor.
The city is under high castes' administration and recently laws applied free companionship contracts between same sex parties.

The environment and in-game laws are structured perfectly to enhance roleplaying for everyone: straight, bisex, gay, lesbian players are very welcome. By becoming a resident or a citizen, you would get an apartment to furnish with your items for FREE (50 prims for High Caste members and 20 prims for Low Caste members ).

Read the rules and you will be satisfied of Esalinus! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uninhabited%20Island/219/26/24


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