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Collar with permanent RLV?

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If you're having any difficulty at all recovering your account, creating a ticket as a guest from an email that you control is the best option. Tell us the name of your avatar and report it as an 'Account Compromise' and our team will investigate as the article suggests -- you can create a guest ticket and call the Fraud line just the same. Please let me know if you have other questions and have a good day!
Best wishes,
Maggie Linden
Second Life Customer Support
so with that bit of information in hand, you can clearly see that making rlv permament or inescapable by any means is impossible. you just fill out a ticket and answer the questions they ask and then get your account back, until then like the post above stated, us an alt to log in and chat with your friends. there is no way to prevent doing that, not even with teamveiwer for you can still do the same thing. and even if teamviewer was used to set your accuont to child and activate child controls on the account you can simply do it on another computer, then ever take the time to reset your computer or have it reset at any computer repair place. So again making it impossible to escape is not possible by any means. Just takes time and effort and the desire to do so.
it is nothing more than a myth a fantasy a lie. an attempt at deception and manipulation or coercion or mindcontrol by the person claiming different. they want/need you to think its real, so you wont ever try or consider it. they feed off of that fear, that lack of knowledge, that false belief of control and power that they have taken from you according to their delusional beliefs. and yes it is a delusional beleif, for no one can really force anyone to give up power and control, its all just a mindset.
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