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This is a new place. It's a place for adult entertainment in a RP spirit. The rp is relatively open to variation. The begin and the bacground of the story are simple. In 2016 earth have changed a lot. Nations have been destroyed by the 8 biggest enterprises; who control totaly earth. They destroy citizenship and replace it by 3 roles.

Citizen ( 公民 ), who are the Dominant class.
Free the middle class. Free can visit and have social activity but are not Dominant.
And .. others, banren banwu ( 半人半物 )

The big boss of the b8 was a lover of an old (last century) story. The story of O. He decide to use an old town and use banren banwu, for the entertainment of the citizens and free in this spirit. But humanity is humanity, and a resistance group exists. Resistannce want to stop the power of the dominant class.

The place is under Rack (not ssc).  The place is not full finished, why ? because i hope to finish with ideas of others players. But it's functionnal.

The specifity of the place. It's a place made for human sized (if your height is 2 meters 30 , it's will not the good place for you. Other specifity, the place is webcam rl in sl (your webcam directly in sl) and voice. BUT the choice to use or not it's under the responsability of each. No one have to force others to use it. Lot of toys have been made for the place. it's also toys used in mahcinima, photography or virtual entertainment.
The place have lot of mesh and made for user who are in "full mode" and shadowing, lightning ..

All the framed pictures on the place have been by me. The place is my home and also my exposition and experimental space. Please if you visit for machinima or photography uses the visitor tag. Builds, animations, scripts and others are made by creators than i like or by me when i have not found.

Do not forget, it's an adult entertainment, not a sex sim Be in spirit of the story backgound. They are no langage imposed you can use the langage than you want.It's also the goal  to learn to each others and learn. Try to touch, sit and find how it's works and what's append. 

thank you to have take the time this boring text. And i hope to not have killed you with my bad english hihihih

This is 2 picturs of one of the house in the place



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2902 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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