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Why would someone want to make a loss

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A full sim is 15K prims.  Most likely they have sim size platforms stacked up in the sky that are landscaped well to look like land and you only get to use a limited number of those 15k prims.  Depending on the number of prims that come with your rental, they can stack up 6 to 20 per sim and rent them out for that and make a good profit. 

Other people put up a sim sized platform or two on their sims to rent out just to help defray part of the tier and use the rest of the sim for themselves.

Rental rates are figured based on the number of prims you get not the amount of space.

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A few ways.


  • It's grandfathered, so not the current $295.
  • It's a loss just to cover something like extended support or the next cheaper level of teir they pay
  • They have a huge number and get a discount on teir.
  • It's mainland which is cheaper.
  • It's a limited time special and in one month you pay more, once hooked.
  • It's worked out on the calendar month and not the calendar week, you pay the January price in February too.
  • They are nice people (or can't do math) and want you to pay less then they do.
  • They plan to destroy competition by renting just under cost then up all the prices later.

Probably more

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