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How to set it so only the tenant/renter can build and change the land and no one else can

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Put the parcels you want to rent out into a Group.
Make the Group Invite only.
Set the Options in the About Land Dialogue as follows:

Scripts: Group.
Object Entry: Group.
Fly: Everyone.
Autoreturn: 1 Minute.

If someone rents from you, you send out an invite, the tenant then joins the group
and can start building. If you have to kick out a recalcitrant tenant, just remove the resident from the group.
Remember to create different group roles, in these roles you can fine tune, what a tenant/officer/guest can do.



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I want to know how you set it so once the renter clicks the land to buy how does he/she get to build and change the terrain with out haveing to join a group and only they can so no one else on the land can build so once they payed the land they can start building with out me giveing them any permissions or having to goin a group. I know it can be done just dont know how you would set it up.

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