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Looking to support Medieval themed businesses, groups, and RPs

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Do you enjoy the look and feel of medieval based lands and have ideas for groups, businesses, or RP and wish you had the money to get a start? Have you wanted to try something but had a hard time fitting into established groups?


Here at Nexus Isle there are a great many places and buildings available for a wide range of uses. Currently there are private homes, stores, and under construction is a slave market and lifestyle school/discussion area. The possabilities are endless so come take a look around and let your imagination loose.


Message or drop a note card inworld with any ideas, questions, or proposals to:

Hubes Darkfold

I'm online nearly 24/7 so I will respond the next time I'm at the keyboard, or I'll see you on the sim itself.

Town Square

Nexus Isle 2.jpg



Link to the town square:

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