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Mo Noel

Sims "forget" URLs ?

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I am experiencing some severe issues with items that communicate by http.

I have in world items that request a secure URL.

At present, it seems that now and then one of these granted URLs become invalid. When you try to adress that item, you get the standard failure message about cap not found, even when it was working fine just some minutes ago.

Is anybody experiencing something similar?

(Of course I do request a new URL after sim reboot. It seems the URL gets invalid just out of nowwhere)

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The wiki page mentions that some errors can happen during certain times of day. Could that be the problem?


"Requests made at approx 0625 SLT may fail with a 503 status code, with "ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved", and "(111) Connection refused" in the body of the response. This has been confirmed as expected behaviour by Kelly, due to the nightly maint & log rotation. It does reliably impact object to object HTTP at that time, and quite probably may impact object to/from web around the same time. The interruption in service is fairly brief, and the precise timing may vary as LL adjust their nightly maint processes, or due to server load."

Not familiar with the problem you describe, as I don't use the feature enough to encounter problems, but a workaround could be having the object ping its own URL with a request to see if it gets a response, and request a new URL if it doesn't.

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