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Deploys for the week of 2013-05-27

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Please note that the rolls for this week will be delayed a day from our usual schedule.  The main channel roll will be on Wednesday morning and the RC channel rolls will be on Thursday morning.


The post update at 2013-05-29 16:00PDT was just to bump the version number for the RC channels.

Second Life Server (main channel)

The main channel is getting the server maintenance project that was previously on Magnum.  This project fixes some bugs (including some crash modes), and also adds LSL support to create and parse JSON-formatted strings.


Scheduled Wednesday 2013-05-29 05:00-12:00 PDT


Second Life RC BlueSteel, Second Life RC LeTigre, and Second Life RC Magnum:

All three RC channels are getting the interest list improvement project that was on LeTigre last week.  This change reduces scene loading time when entering a new region.




Scheduled Thursday 2013-05-30 07:00-11:00 PDT


We will be monitoring this thread as the code gets released, so feel free to note any observations you have about the server updates.  If you have a specific bug you'd like to report, please file a Jira

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Hi Maestro,

I just want to pass along that I'm getting reports(Magnum Sims) that on an in-region teleport when landing all surrounding avatars de-rezz and cannot be seen until the person re-logs. Everything else appears normally. let me know if you need further information.



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I am backing up MB's comment about invisible avatars.  I've seen this now on several occasions over two days at a Magnum sim, Pine Woods - the Rubber Room club.  TPing out and back solved it on one occasion but not on the others.  It may occur intra-region as well but this was after a TP from my home region (Main Server) on all occasions.

I still see the avs on scripted scanners and in nearby people and I see local chat from them but they remain staunchly invisible.  This is way too scary for me! :smileysurprised:


To qualify for Caleb, on one occasion I guess there were about 20 avs in the club, on the latest two occasions only about 4 avs in the club, and less than 10 on the sim.


ETA:  Had a second opinion from an av using the latest development Firestorm which in corporates the "revised" V3 code...the "invisible" avatar was visible to her.  When the av in question relogged I saw him as normal.

Nice one Linden Lab.  Thanks...not.  It's not all that long ago we stopped one kind of "ghosting" when an av persisted even though it  was logged out.  Now we have the converse...that's real progress.

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Does toggling wireframe (shft/ctrl/r) snap them into view?

I've had a number of instances this past week where Ava's seemed to take an unusually long time to rez and/or various body parts.....usually legs...did not rez.  Toggling wire frame fixed in all instances and I'd just been figuring it was related to the interest list/objects not rendering problem.

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No, it isn't a simple extension of the current Interest List prim problem.. toggling alpha masks (my patent workaround) makes no difference (neither does toggling wireframe, though I cannot use it most of the time - RLVa HUD issues - my problem!).


As I say I got the issue repro'd by asking a Firestorm dev viewer user to check the issue out - it may well be that the recent "tweaks" that the Linden Lab viewer team came up with counteract this, and it ought to be available in the next Firestorm update.

It is, unfortunately, another consequence of the journey towards server side baking, I think. :smileyfrustrated:

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Does this by any chance happen mostly with avatars you've seen recently at a different location wearing the same outfit? The one time I saw this was when my partner and I teleported from our home to a club and I couldn't see her until I relogged, and I believe there was a similar problem with one of my alts and her friend in a similar situation. Might be some sort of cache issue like the missing prim problem.

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An interesting (if you'll pardon the pun) possibility and for two of the three main instances I'd be inclined to agree with your suggestion, same avs, same outfits but at that location only, and on other days.

However one other instance involved an av that (so far as I can recall) that I had never encountered before, there or anywhere else (and textures I hadn't seen before either), so that one is a poser.

I cannot quite get my head around this one.  :smileyfrustrated:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3037 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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