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Reward Offered L$1,000.00

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Am unsure if I should put this here or in the 'Employment' section as I think my inquiry falls under both categories.  Having said that, please feel free to move if necessary.

For a few months I have been trying to locate a specific hair in SL but have been totally unsuccessful.  So, to make this search a little more effective, I am offering a reward of L$1,000.00 to the person that locates this hair for me.

hair style wanted

Need larger photo for more detail?      http://tinyurl.com/o6qoq2k

 I do have a few stipulations:


  1. Must be the exact hair, no look alikes.
  2. It must be for sale by a legitimate merchant, either the creator or the entity that has permission to sell it (NO Copybott or Ripped Hair)
  3.  You must agree to have your name posted in this thread at the end of a successful search



  • Payment will be made upon my approval & acceptance of all stipulations
  • If found, IM must be sent to me in world (Rival Destiny) which will date stamp your claim to the reward should there be more than one successful person.

Am probably missing some fine points but I think this pretty much covers what I require.  Please feel free to ask any questions or post any suggestions etc.

Thanks & good luck!





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Yes I sent her a facebook request today but have not heard back.

Now that I have offerred the reward, & in all fairness, I will sit back & wait & see what happens.  But this is a wonderful clue for someone to take and run with.


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Sorry but both hairs in that picture are painted on by the photographer. Or at least incredibly enhanced to make it seem fuller and such. The chance that the hair as you see it there exists in SL is miniscule.

A lot of photographers enhance skin, eyes, and most often hair, half the time completely re-drawing it as well as adding piercings and glasses and the likes to spice it all up. If you look closely at the big pic you listed you will see the brush strokes on both hairs.

From what I can see both hairs are hand painted. I'm 99.9% sure.
Sorry /=

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Yes someone in my original thread mentioned something about PS'g the image.

I appreciate your input & believe that what you say may just be the case here.

Sigh ... I leave thread up for now but if nothing else occurs I'll get the mods to delete it.



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Hair is from ICONIC http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ICONIC/226/144/24 name is Rebel -Remy ...but it was limited edition ...so ..no longer available...but you can contact creeator and try...you dont have nothing to lose :) ...btw that is one of my favorite hair...and pictures on my blog is not Photoshop..so take a look .. http://lanaq.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/its-shopping-time/

Btw i  wasnt on facebook today...but now i accept your request :)


Oh yes PS.I didn answer coz reward  ...i am glad if i can help :)

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Ohh I know that hair well... sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it.  Although I do tend to wear it in a different color, currently its blonde and red.  Darn it, now I want that hair in sl to match the head of it I have in rl... probably way easier to deal with.  


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2802 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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