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Post Apocalyptic environment, suitable for casual RP

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The Wastelands has been on the grid for over 6 years now and our RP canon has been nurtured and developed by the people who are a part of it.  Role play in The Wastelands is 100% optional, and people designate who is "In Character" by wearing a group tag with the word Ruin't in it.  Because it's opt-in it may not be for everyone, as there are certainly times where people just like to hang out and chit-chat.  We have two major benefits to our RP that most others don't!

First and foremost is our 100% free game.  I personally built this with the aid of the other Wastelands Developers, and have been working on it (on the scripting / backend) over the course of the past 6+ years.  It's a resource collection / crafting / combat / RP assisting game.  There's over 200 items and about 200 recipes, not including the seasonal one-shot items. All the weapons, food, and resources are free.  You just have to find them by looking for them in boxes or harvestable plants on the estate. Or even trade with a few NPCs. On top of all that 99.9% of the items are transfer, so you can either barter with people in RP to trade things, or outright sell them for L$ by setting up a shop or bartering.  The whole game is so in-depth that it's way too big to list here, so poke around on our wiki.

Our second boon is the estate itself.  We've got 11 regions for your to wander / hunt / scavenge around in.  The residents have built some pretty fantastic stuff, full of all sorts of secrets and hidden passages. And hey: if you really like it there, and want to help contribute to the community, you can buy your own little slice and build in theme and/or set up a shop. 90% of the estate was built by the community after all.

To be honest I've never really touted the estate as a good place to RP, mostly because I don't RP much myself.  But the residents and the visitors really love it there. I think what they've developed is pretty great!  

Since I'm the main coder / estate owner, please don't hesitate to ask any questions here on this forum thread!  I'll check back once a day and address them as they come.

Now for a small flood of pictures!

ETA: I forgot to add a SLURL to the estate!

The Wastelands

The Great Fissure

Cape of Ruin

Fort Stygian

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Cheers, Neo.:smileyhappy: You are too modest. The Wastelands is a fabulous build. I was wandering around there long before I knew anyone that was actually a resident. You do great work (and so do a whole bunch of your residents, as you pointed out). It's one of my favorite places to go and there are still parts I've not seen.

The only reason I haven't picked up a scavenger HUD yet is that I'm afraid it will be yet another thing on my list of things I really want to do but don't have time for. One of these days.....


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There's no dress code (other than wearing some pants to cover up bits).  There's just encouragement to dress in theme if you want to RP, and RP is 100% optional.

As for the MP link, in my second post on this thread, there's a link to our forums, which has a a guide and link to a massive google spreadsheet of links to MP items.  It's got fine grain sorting of details about the items, from gender, to colors, to "type".

Thanks for the compliments on the build, but in reality 90% of all the builds here are made by the people who live here. So if you see the owner of a build, say thanks and Hi!

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For the RP Races in The Wastelands, we tried to have just a little Sci-Fi, while saying "This is totally possible in time".  We do however have a strict list of playable races. Without going deep to the aforementioned url, here's a summary:

Humans:  Walks on two legs, generally pink insides, squishy and short lived. Crafty and smart.

Tribal Mutant: Typically strong humanoids with a long history of spoken word mythology behind them. They pay respects to the King of Fire, and have a few superstitions.

Exiled Mutants: Tribal Mutant dropouts, trials failures, or non-believers.

Manimals: Humanoid animals, but not your typical furry. Tons of variety!

Ghouls: Undead-ish mostly human, occasionally manimals or mutants, never botans. Based on the real world 

Botans: Carnivorous plant people, incapable of speech, pantomimes and emits scents to communicate.

There's in our setting there's no room for supernatural, magical, transformative, or superhuman powers.  Which is why we stick to this short list and avoid the generic demon/angel, vampire/werewolves RP that is all over the grid.


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I haven't seen you around in years Mira.  RP is pretty casual, but it does happen all the time -- much like everything else in the estate it's pretty spontanious.  However on saturdays starting at 11am and usually running until 3pm there's an organized RP event called Barrelhead Bazaar in Cormac.  It's going on right now if you want to stop by.

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I haven't actually posted on these Forums before, I don't think, but this seems like a fine time for a first!  I generally go by Apo; I'm a member of The Wastelands "Road Patrol" -- community liaisons, essentially, with a few other duties.   If anyone has more questions about The Wastelands and its roleplay, don't hesitate to ask -- here, inworld, via notecard, by carrier pigeon, whatever works!  :D

Also, I've got a place called The N in Fort Stygian which serves as a sort of inn / pub / orientation outpost. You can click the items on the bookshelves and wall behind it for information on all facets of Wastelands life - including gameplay and roleplay elements.  I've also worked up a beginner's guide to Wastelands roleplay, explaining not just the basics of the setting and races, but the mechanics of how it's actually done. You can find it there on the shelf, as well.

The Wastelands' RP is resident-run -- generally speaking, our canon wasn't just dictated by Neo or the other management for everyone else to play; rather, through the years, we came up with our own ideas.  We stuck with what worked, and it eventually got codified into canon.  

 does often expand on the combat and salvage game, since that helps to maintain the "survival" setting (and since a lot of the RPers are playing the game, anyway.)  You'll find individuals trading food, weapons, or -- carefully -- knowledge.   Still, to reduce it into "people running around looking for boxes and hitting each other with sticks" is a little like saying The Godfather is just about "people running around  trying to get money and shooting each other with guns."  ;)   As roleplayers know, it's not just about what you do, it's about your motivations and interactions with other players.  Some people might seem helpful -- but do they have ulterior motives behind the kindness?  Others may be stern and standoffish -- are they jerks, or do they sense a danger you don't?   What are the risks of approaching this stranger -- but what might the rewards be?

Though the list of races may appear somewhat limiting, at first, they support all manner of character concepts.  Brawlers and builders, traders and traitors, mystics and mercenaries, storytellers and strongmen and sharpshooters and scavengers.  

If anyone's interested, I'd be more than happy to help you flesh out a character concept, or (when possible) to help you adapt another character to the Wasted world.  And if you want to give roleplaying a try, I'm up for it whenever I'm not otherwise engaged.  And Apo will promise not to hit you in the head with a big spiky club unless you REALLY said something to deserve it.  ;)

Hope to see some of you guys soon! 

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I've been visiting WL pretty much daily for about 2 years and I can assure people that lots of RP happens, and if there isn't any around you can just start some yourself. I had no idea how much fun could be had in SL until I came to WL. After thoughly enjoying building my character's house I had even more fun burning it down. The players, their characters, and their builds are all fantasic, and the game itself keeps evolving (we have bows and arrows now - yea!).

The only bad part of WL is logging out.  

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