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Can a person who is under 18 buy any land at all?

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I believe you can only buy G-rated land. At any rate you can't GO to non-G-rated land so if you COULD buy land with other content ratings you couldn't use it.

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Wow, good question.

I can find nothing in the TOS that prohibits you from purchasing mainland.  A 512 sqm plot is tier free....no additional costs to premium other than your initial purchase price.  It would have to be on a G Rated SIM


"Linden Homes are not available to Residents under the age of 18. Sixteen and seventeen year-old users have the other benefits of becoming premium account holders. However, they will not be able to access Linden Homes until they turn 18."

But there is no reference to Mainland or other land ownership in the Wiki.  Until you get  to this:


"For under-eighteen users to purchase land they must submit a special order form, after which we request proof that they have your permission to purchase."

But the special order form that is linked is for purchasing private islands/regions:


"For all under 18 Resident, non-Linden Home, land orders (requires parental/guardian approval if under 18). Note: users under the age of 18 cannot purchase Linden Homes."

It links you to the Land Order (Private Region) form:


I can very clearly see the need for parental consent to own a private island/region because of the contractual obligations.

I can find no references that would prohibit you from owning Mainland as long as it was "G" rated.

But of course Linden Lab is the final decision maker here.

I don't know if Support could answer your question or if I'd even trust them to know an accurate answer.



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