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Upload mesh in other than the T-Pose?

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I am probably missing some detail or a feature, but is it possible to upload mesh created in a different pose than the standard T-Pose?

I am preparing my long sleeved dress in Blender, to get a more realistic look at the shoulders I use a more natural pose during the creation (hands at 45 degress from the body). However when I want to upload the rigged dress to second life, I have to save it in the T-Pose as the rest pose, which always distorts the dress a bit. Otherwise the sleeves do not locate properly to arms.

Thank you for your suggestions,



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Heyaa Zly,

well you can upload a rigged mesh in another position of the bones, if you choose to 'include bonepositions' in the uploading process. 

BUT: that goes for a changed T-Pose. means if you did changes to the relaxed state and the all over appereance of your armature (i.e. to fit to a different avatar or even creature)


When exporting it will always export the 'base' positions of an armature. Which is the t-pose / relaxed pose.


The changes you do to test your shirt are different 'poses' of this certain armature, and have nothing to do with how the bonepositions are set up in general. Poses are just moving the existing already defined bones around in order to create animations or static poses.


But i don't understand your problem completely. Once you uploaded your mesh, and you 'wear' it, it will wrap around the avatars skeleton ingame, and they have their shoulders mostly also relaxed and the arms down (if not changed by a certain animation overrider), so in this case you can just see it as it  behaves on an avatar who is not standing with spreadout arms. 

Of course when you just rez it on the ground it will have this T-pose look. But that's not how your rigged shirt will be used anyways. 

So in order to have it look just as in your skeleton/ Armature pose in blender you : either have to create an own animation file (BHV) from this exact pose and upload it to SL to play it inworld and watch the avatar and the shirt in this pose, or you just rely on the existing default animations which anyways have the arms relaxed and down.

PS: keep in mind that animations and animation overriders etc will move  avatars into all sorts of poses, so you always will want to make sure that the clothings you make do 'not' just look 'correct  only in a certain pose'.

You always will want to ensure to make a rigged attachmentd or cloth which will go along well and undistorted with almost every possible movement that it could be put through. (and think about it: arms are used a lot especially in dances, fighting animations, expressions etc.. so if the arms of your shirt only look good when the shoulders are hanging down - you might want to retouch and redo this part of your shirt then.)

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You could try this:

for workbench users:


  1. Take the default SL Avatar skeleton and pose it to your favorite non T-pose that matches your mesh best.
  2. Pose -> Apply -> Apply pose as rest pose (the armature in pose mode)
  3. Now parent your mesh to the new rest pose and do your weighting.
  4. then Pose the Armature to T-Pose
  5. Finally: Pose -> Apply -> Apply pose as rest pose

The mesh might have some distortions now in T-Pose (most probably around the shoulders). But the good news is: there will be no distortion when you later apply the Avatar Relaxed pose to your mesh (if that was the pose to which you have rigged in step one above. Of course this approach only works great if your "relaxed" pose is the most probable pose that you will use for your character...

for Avastar users:


  1. Take the Avastar skeleton and pose it to your favorite non T-pose that matches your mesh best.
  2. Now select the armature and your mesh inObject mode
  3. In the rigging tool in the tool shelf enable the options "With weight copy" and "Alter mesh to Rest Pose"
  4. finally "Parent to Obect"

note: both approaches have their caveats. I believe you will always have to do some cleanup and weight fixing.

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