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How to: Linking your PayPal without a creditcard

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This is for people wanting to link Second Life to their PayPal, without the use of a creditcard, in order to buy L$ from the Lindex. If you don't wish to use PayPal at all then this won't help you find alternatives. 


I've noticed that a lot of people, mostly outside of the US, are still having trouble getting their PayPal account linked to Second Life without adding a creditcard. I played with it earlier today and posted a sort of tutorial in another topic for Dutch people but I will post here as well incase it may help anyone else. Mind you, it's directed to Dutch PayPal users but perhaps through use of the screenshots and the English explanation, others can also figure out how to set it up for themselves. 



Okay so, I took the chance today and got my Dutch PayPal succesfully attached to my Second Life account and bought L$ through Lindex. What I had to do was as follows;

1: Make sure your PayPal account is verified and linked to your bank account.
2: Add approx. €25,- to your PayPal account. (I added €30,- via Money2 & iDeal, only took a minute to update my PayPal balance, not days!)
3. Log back into Paypal.
4: Once the amount is added to your PayPal, click "Valutaomrekenfunctie". (On the top right side of the box that shows your PayPal balance on your main page).
5: On the left side you can change your primairy currency to USD by selecting "Amerikaanse Dollar" and hitting "Primair maken". (I don't know if this is necassary but I did it just incase and you can easily switch it out again later.)
6: On the right side of the page under "Wisselfunctie", set the "Van" to Euros, enter the amount of Euros into the "Bedrag" box ie: 30,00 and set your "Naar" to "Saldo in Amerikaanse Dollars", then hit "Doorgaan".
7: Now when you go back to your main PayPal page (overzicht), your balance will be converted to USD rather than Euros. (This is important, I could not complete my transaction before exchanging the Euros for USD.)
8: Log in to Second Life and through "Account" go to "Billing Information" to link your Paypal account. If you've followed the previous steps it should accept you now and not ask for a creditcard.
9: By now your PayPal should be successfully linked to Second Life and you can hit "Buy L$" on the Second Life page and place your L$ order through Lindex. If all goes well you should be receiving your L$ within the minute.

Below under the Dutch translation I'm also adding screenshots to show where to change your PayPal currency just incase.


In het Nederlands;
1: Zorg ervoor dat je PayPal account gecontroleerd is en aan je bank account is gekoppeld.
2: Voeg ongeveer €25,- toe aan je PayPal account. (Zelf heb ik €30,- toegevoegt via Money2 & iDeal, die transactie was binnen een minuut voltooid en je hoeft dus niet 4-5 werkdagen te wachten!)
3: Log weer in op PayPal.
4: Nu het bedrag op je PayPal staat kun je op "Valutaomrekenfunctie" klikken. (Bovenaan rechts in het "Paypal Saldo" boxje op je "Overzicht" pagina.)
5: Links kun je de primaire Valuta omzetten naar USD door op "Amerikaanse Dollar" te klikken en dan "Primair maken". (Of dat nodig is weet ik niet zeker, ik heb het in ieder geval wel gedaan voor de zekerheid en je kunt dit altijd moeiteloos weer veranderen.)
6: Aan de rechterkant van de pagina onder "Wisselfunctie" zet je de "Van" naar Euros, vul het bedrag in onder "Bedrag" (bijvoorbeeld 30,00 met comma!) en zet je de "Naar" om naar "Saldo in Amerikaanse Dollars". Vervolgens klik je op "Doorgaan".
7: Als je nu terug gaat naar de "Overzicht" pagina zullen de Euros die je had toegevoegt omgewisseld zijn naar USD. (Dit is belangrijk! Ik kon mijn transactie niet voltooien voordat mijn saldo was omgezet naar USD.)
8: Log nu weer in op Second Life en via je "Account" pagina, klik op "Billing Information" en voeg je PayPal account toe. Als je de vorige stappen hebt gevolgd zal er nu NIET om een creditcard worden gevraagt.
9: Nu zal je PayPal account toegevoegd zijn aan je Second Life account en kun je via "Buy LS" op de Second Life pagina je L$ kopen via de Lindex. Deze ontvang je dan als alles goed gaat binnen de minuut in je viewer en op je account pagina.

Hieronder vind je ook screenshots van hetgeen dat ik heb uitgelegd over PayPal valuta omzetten, mocht het nodig zijn.





I hope this is helpful for anyone wishing to use PayPal without adding a creditcard. :) 

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mind that you may need to keep your PP account filled manually with dollars this way. If there's no USD in the account when needed, no clue what the LL servers are set up to do (or what PP is set up to do, they might just lock your account for "suspicious activity").

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I'm not entirely sure. I think it requires a minimum of 25$ from what I've read from others. The €30 I used came to $40'ish when converted. 


As for keeping your PayPal saldo up, I would. I know years ago once you'd linked your PayPal, any L$ purchase would just be withdrawn from your bank automatically but that usually takes some days. You get your L$ instantly but the transfer between LindenLabs to PayPal and then PayPal to your bank takes some days. The risk there is that if it coincides with bills or whatnot and PayPal can't withdraw the amount, you'll start building up a debt with PayPal, interest and everything which can turn out bad and cause PayPal to lock your account. So yes, be smart and always upload money to your PayPal before purchasing L$ with it. :) 

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There is no need to keep your PayPal account filled, I have no money on it and when I purchase any lindes I do have those within seconds. I don't really know how they do that though because as you say, it does take a few days for the money to be withdrawn from your bank account.

The smallest amount you can purchase btw is $2.50 worth of lindens, not $25. And that 2.5 is the smallest amount you can buy at Lindex,  PayPall would allow you to buy even smaller amounts.

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This is pretty much what I did from the UK.

From my UK bank account, with internet banking set up. I was able to make a direct payment to Paypal. In the UK, the bank clearing system is very fast.

The GBP/USD rate Paypal uses in this process looks quite competitive, better than you can get for a direct Card payment.

I didn't have to change my Primary Currency. The Paypal system design will use the USD first for a payment in USD.


If you're actually putting USD in your SL account there is a 25 USD minimum. There's also a fixed fee for LindeX transactions so I would not recommend spending less than 10 USD in a single L$ purchase. The 25 USD minimum is a little less than the quarterly Premium payment, so if you have to pay that it's no big deal.


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I know some ppl who tried from switzerland too with this workaround - it works.


Maybe someone can find out what's the minimum charged amount for accepting PayPal as PIOF without asking a Credit Card information.

Generally ask PayPal Credit Card information if the balance on payPal is less then the needed for the actual transaction.

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Hey everyone, i don't know if anyone is still keeping an eye on this topic but i just tried this trick and i ran into a problem. Before following all the steps it asked me for my credit card information. Now i have followed the steps and now it gives me an error.


"We kunnen uw betaling momenteel niet verwerken via uw PayPal-rekening. Ga terug naar de website van de ontvanger om uw transactie te voltooien met behulp van hun gebruikelijke betalingsprocedure."


Has anyone else had this problem?

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I see a lot of people proclaiming they would never put their financial info into PayPal. Honestly this confuses me. Allow me to explain why:

When PayPal started all those years ago, the intention was to provide:

  1. A method for over-the-net payments that did not expose personal information to the myriad (and often questionable) sellers springing up everywhere,
  2. A single secure point of contact that could control and protect your private information and provide access to that information when needed,
  3. Make money for Elon Musk.

(Did you doubt #3? LOL)

I happened to get on board very early. And in the sake of full disclosure, I have no financial connection with PayPal's business other than as a member of their service. But in the 1.5+ decades of account ownership with them .. I have NEVER:

  • Been exposed to fraudulent sellers
  • Been hacked or had my personal info compromised
  • Been denied or ignored when requesting support for a transaction
  • Been confused by where the money was coming from, what accounts would be debited or credited, or how much it would cost me in total.

PayPal has been the most reliable, most dependable and most responsive financial institution I've ever used .. including my brick-and-mortar banks.

They NEVER show my "inner details" (my bank names, account numbers, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, etc.) to anyone that I purchase from using the PayPal method. They always report the arrival and departure of my money with clear and succinct email notices. They do what they say they're gonna do, and they don't do anything unexpected or irrational. (Unlike my bank which routinely decides to experiment with accounting methods based on fairy tales .. or so it seems!)

So .. why is it exactly .. and what are you afraid of .. that prevents you from adding a bank account, credit card or debit card to PayPal? But that isn't also as scary or risky as giving that SAME info to some fly-by-nite internet seller that "promises" to get you Linden Dollars for a whole lot cheaper than market price?

And please remember .. I am honestly curious about the answer. Because frankly, I don't see the risk factors at PayPal as others do. If they're there and real .. I wanna know about 'em!

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In English:

I've tried almost everything but nothing seems to work.

I had a perfectly working PayPal account connected to SL and could buy/sell LS with it. But after comming back from being away from SL it stopped working while no details were changed at all.

Just one message pops-up each and every time which is that the data cannot be processed (see picture in Dutch language)


 I've tried all steps mentioned and even more, like:

  1. Adding SL in PayPal as preffered supplier and that it's allowed to redraw money from PayPal directly
  2. cleared my browser chache
  3. cleared the cache in the viewer
  4. Removed all contact details on my SL webpage account
  5. Filled all details in again (and even more)
  6. Put more money from my bank account on Paypal and converted them to USD.
  7. Tried to make a direct payment towards SL from PayPal (which wasn't possible according to what I saw.

I really don't know what to do anymore, seems that I need to try to make SL Inworld and forget about renting land for a while:(((

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i have a very old paypal account, and working flawlesly for all the years i am here ( 10 ) .. to see if i also could run into the problems i read here i made a new one...

guess what


..... it works fine, without CC and without funds on it.

i added my bank account and verfied/controlled it... that takes a few days before you find the codes in the verification payment, but after that it's all done.

so for me it's totally a big  ? why it doesn't work for others

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Not sure this is related, but at least it's worth a try...

Over in the Merchants Forum, a question was posted about Marketplace Listing Errors. However the solution had to do with setting your Payment Info to "Buying L$ in Viewer"

Once you've eliminated all the reasonable and logical possibilities .. time to try the totally illogical and far-fetched ones.

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First, sorry for my very bad english but I got an answer and I want to tell you.
It´s easy! Make a new PayPal accound!!! (it´s free) Then confirm it. Then you need 25 $ on this accound and this new accound works withoud a credit card! 


You are welcome! :D


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I have a verified PayPal account (linked bank account) I have over 25 USD in my PayPal and it still asks for a credit card. I'm out of ideas on how to make this work.  Maybe it has something to do with my geographic location. 

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