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Maki Guyot

Why Linden Lab will not get my money anymore.

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Maki Guyot wrote:

If any Linden Lab employee is reading this; you're pushing your userbase away with your constant changes. You're effectively pushing your product on the road to bankruptcy.

Have fun with it. I'll just sit on the sidelines and watch the ship sink. You clearly don't want my business.

There is an angle you might not have considered: LL is indeed allowing older residents to drop out of SL without worrying about the losses, possibly even encouraging us to leave.

Why? Because we are used to the old Linden culture, we feel like residents, and we expect to be treated like residents.

That is not what LL wants anymore, in my opinion. I believe they want "players", not "residents". Residents demand too many rights, making them too difficult to support, and they no longer have the staff for such support. They are hanging their hat on the successful conversion of SL from a virtual world to a gaming platform (again, in my opinion).

They already lost the vast majority of my money. My tier + advertising was $350USD/month at one point. Now is it $8USD/month. Just as in your case, they made it clear that they don't care one bit about that loss:



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Well there is a current Yahoo article about how many people are dropping out of WoW, so, online platform gaming is not what it once was apparently, either.

I'd say no one wants to lose a customer these days, if they can help it. (If they are wise.)

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