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Pamela Galli

Why can't I like Dr. Who?

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Always been a fan of the original series ('65-'89) the stories were a lot better and full episodes were movie length so they had time to tell a good story. Even watching them today, a lot of the effects / creatures and makeup were pretty impressive especially for the time they were made. Yes, it was still campy, but it also had a more mature take on the story / characters.

The modern day Dr. Who is aimed more to children than the original was and the classic stories are crammed into 45 min shows so it can't be as involved or fleshed out as the original was.

That one episode awhile back with Matt Smith "Spaceships and Dinosaurs" was a perfect example of "Sesame Street in Space" But as an old fan, I still watch the new ones, I just keep hoping they will get better, lol. But there have been a few that were decent and harkened back to the original more. The 2 part episode with David Tennent, "The Imposable Planet" and "The Satan Pit" was probably my fave of the modern one.


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