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Medieval Themed Stores for Rent!

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Nexus Isle is located not far from the mainland...but the short trip by sea can challenge even the most experienced of seagoers. Nexus Isle's small port does see many ships despite the dangers however...Some come for the many shops owned by skilled craftsmen and merchants of all kinds, while others come seeking to buy or sell horses at the famed Nexus Stables.

There are even those who have heard of the more seedy businesses set back outside the town square...a place where some indulge their more primal desires. The tournament grounds are a popular attraction for both participants and spectators alike and add a steady demand for jousting horses.

Overlooking everything is Nexus Castle...set high on the mountainous North West part of the Isle it is the home of Lord Hubes and his Lady lia.


Set on a full prim sim, Nexus Isle is an adult medieval themed territory. It is the combination of a few separate but related projects I've been running for some time now...on the scale that I've been envisioning since the beginning.

I fund the project entirely on my own...and since both my online home and my stables and ABC horse breeding operation is based here I have no illusions of making a profit on this, nor does this project run the risk of being shut down in a few weeks due to poor attendance.

My goal is to tie a few key goals into one enjoyable and sustainable venture...for both my own benefit and the benefit of anyone wishing to join in.

My primary goal is to provide a themed canvas for anyone to work with and enjoy.


Currently looking for:

*Shop/store owners:
    There are currently many stores available to rent in the main town square...basic rate is $2L per prim per week with full use of entire standalone structure in the main town square. Most buildings are 2 floors and can support living space on the top floor with the store on the main floor. Anything of a medieval / rustic nature is welcomed...but I'm particularly interested in creators and developers active in custom orders and requests. Anyone interested in steady custom work (mostly things like signs, rule boards, etc...) please drop me a notecard and I can work out a deal with you as I'll be interested in such items on a long term basis.

*Adult business/entertainment:
    There are 2 large buildings set in a back alley from the main town square that are available. Drop me a notecard with any proposals and I'm sure I'll be able to work something out with you. Currently one has a basic slave market design while the other has multiple floors of play equipment.

*Renters looking for a themed home:
    There are currently 2 small and 2 large rooms for rent in the Inn for long or short term stays...as well as the unique opportunity to rent room on a sail ship (there are 4 ships for rent currently...all 4 are immobile and serve as their own single room suites)

*ABC Horses:
    Currently renting out small stalls to keep your horses on site for jousting practice and training. There are also bidboards available in the stables to sell your horses and there will be raffles running on a continuing basis.


Please send a notecard with any questions, requests, or comments to Hubes Darkfold inworld. My avatar is online nearly 24/7 because I'm usually logged in even while I'm sleeping or at work so I will respond immediately the next time I'm at the keyboard.

Thank you all for taking the time to read all this and I hope to see you all soon!
Town Square

Nexus Isle 2.jpg

Nexus Isle 3.jpg


Link to the town square:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3067 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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