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Flame Swenholt

Disappointed with CHUI Public

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When I heard about an update to the interface, I was rather interested. Upon trying out the beta for CHUI, I actually found it interesting. I could bring up IMs, manage group chats better, and things seemed to flow a bit better. It was also fairly stable.

But the public release with 'bug fixes' is the complete polar opposite.

As a developer, crashing every 5 minutes is a harsh reminder that new things are followed by new bugs, but almost random crashes with trying to develop new things is beyond unacceptable. Why do I have stronger stability in the beta version of the publicly released viewer with bug fixes. Builders may relax with the knowledge that their goods will be where they last left it. Scriptors will just have to be in shame or learn to use external editors unless they enjoy retyping the same parts over and over again. Dealing with customers is now dancing with a crash that doesn't even leave behind a report (or even attempt to send it to the crash report servers, but then again that hasn't worked for over 2 years anyway).

My question is this: Why is it that the beta viewer for CHUI was more stable than this public release? Above that, what on earth do we have to do to prevent these crashes?

PC Specs: http://valid.canardpc.com/2770158

Notes: No, my system is not running SLI. All monitors are plugged into just one card. The second is just a PhysX purposed card (when not doing PhysX, it will do Folding@Home work).

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